Oil Pressure ? – AJS & Matchless Owners Club

It all commenced when I acquired an oil tension gauge….

Its usually been high hitting the reduction stress (about 120psi) when chilly as the revs raise. (I intend to reduced this later on, with a lighter spring).
When the oil was warm, not warm, the tension was dropping to very little on tick around and hardly 5 psi, when revving on my original SAE40, only just improved on SAE50.
The up coming improvement was fitting a filter on the return and transforming to 20/50 in which I was flickering on tick about and barely 10psi with a superior rev.
Continue to not pleased, I tried out some 10/60 which greater a little once more, but still not able to access 30psi when revved and warm.
Subsequent I bought spare oil pumps from Newark jumble and the feed pump gears are about .0025″ thinner than the centre plate (similar as my initial feed pump) and the end plate is also worn, so I’ve faced the end plates and reduced the centre plate having out the aspect clearance, the stress is now 5psi on tick over and around 40psi when revving soon after a operate to heat up.

I’ve read through somewhere 30psi when warm, will that be when revving or on tick around and I’ve bought some way to go nonetheless ?
Also are lighter relief valve springs accessible or is it preserve striving lighter kinds right until cold relief force comes down? 75 psi ?

Any enable appreciated, many thanks Shaun

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