Netherlands 2024. Two-Wheeler Market’s Recovery Is Slowing After A Positive Start

Netherlands’ Motorcycle Market is recovering. Year-to-date May 2024 sales have been 24,190 (+1.8%) driven by faster recovery in the motorcycle segment (+8.4%)

The Netherlands Motorcycles Industry Trend and Perspectives

The Dutch two-wheeler market has historically been a pioneer in anticipating trends, particularly in the pre-COVID-19 period when it spearheaded the growth of the electric scooter segment, establishing itself as the largest market in Europe for this category and driving overall market expansion for several years.

Currently, however, electric vehicle manufacturers are encountering significant challenges primarily due to disruptions in the Chinese supply chain, resulting in a substantial decline in the scooter segment and negatively impacting the entire industry.

In 2023, the industry reported a drastic -23.5% decline in total sales. Despite this setback, the beginning of 2024 has shown promising signs of recovery. As of May, Year-to-Date (YTD) sales have reached 24,190 units, marking a 1.8% increase. This recovery is largely driven by a robust 7.7% growth in the motorcycle segment, compared to a slowdown in the scooter segment (-2.7%), and is a little bit lower than the recovery observed up to the first quarter.

Notably, the electric segment, which experienced a steep decline last year, is showing a remarkable recovery with a 24.9% increase, with both the electric L1 and electric L3 segment leaning strongly upwards (+26.1% and +15.6% respectively).

Among top manufacturers, Piaggio still leads the market, although reporting a slowdown with -12.5% of sales YTD; even La Souris scooters experienced a more pronounced setback, reporting a -24.1% slowdown. Kawasaki, currently third on the podium, reported a significant +36.9% growth, and substantial gains were observed for Yamaha (+13.2%), BMW (20.3%) and Suzuki (+64.4%) too.


Aprilia RS 660
Silence S02 electric scooter and a man.
Silence S02

Government’s subsidies for electrification

The Dutch government has introduced a new subsidy program aimed at promoting the adoption of electric mopeds and scooters. This initiative seeks to facilitate the transition to zero-emission vehicles, particularly for low-income individuals. The program allocates a total of 3.5 million euros for 2024 and 2025 to support the electrification of mopeds and scooters. Municipalities can apply for these funds to provide subsidies to residents, allowing for the replacement of approximately 3,500 gas-powered scooters with electric ones.

It is still early to assess the impact of such subsidies, but we can predict they will surely have had and will continue to have a positive impact on the strong growth of the electric segments.

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