Help • 1953 G80S Front Forks

The next stage in my G80S restoration is the front forks. I intend servicing them myself as I have successfully done the Jampots recently.
I like to buy my parts through the club but my current parts list including freight to Australia is over 700 UK pounds which is a stretch for me.
A large portion of this cost is 2 x replacement fork tubes at around 130 pounds each plus freight.
My question is, in other members experience, how likely is it that I will need to replace the fork tubes?
I know some of you will say do the disassembly first and then order the parts but for me, that can mean a three month wait before I can do the reassembly, I’m trying to avoid that wait period.
Appreciate your thoughts.

Statistics: Posted by Brian 54G80S — Wed May 01, 2024 11:21 am

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