Manage your Expectations

you've got 10,000 miles to go

When you call a government office or a
business;  should you
Really have to press
1 for English.  This is our National language.
It should
BE in English -
Press 1 for all other 200 languages!
Every time you lose a liberty, or your rights,
you'll never get them back."
Back in the day it was special being a Hells Angel or
Dirty Dozen
, our life was so full, wild, and free.  We
were so fortunate to experience it all.
Sound Advice

I heard of this old man who lived through so many difficult
situations with people, having been in many battles and wars.  He
remarked how wonderful his life is with not one "enemy" in his
life.  He was asked by one bewildered person.  How is this
possible?  "Quite simple really; I made sure none of them
I have one enemy;  I've let him live, for now
The two-faced lying MagDaddy?
It takes me alot to personally hate a person, in fact - I guess there's less than 5,
but I've tried, and I actually can say I hate this piece of shit motherfucker.
MagDaddy dis respected and lied to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

No US President in history has failed his Country more then MagDaddy
and William Holder and the rest of his crew!
Who's Gonna do it?
Making our way there through the flats
The Dirty Dozen MC was established in the mid 60's and
reinforced by Law enforcement that it would be better for the Dirty
Dozen to ride in the state and all other clubs would be best to
acknowledge and support that theory, and in fact, did.  Other
groups who wanted to change that theory, would not only
challenge the Dirty Dozen but law enforcement as well. In fact,
going so far as to state, "We (law enforcement) don't want other
clubs coming in to Arizona who don't recognize Dirty Dozen as the
main biker club in the state of Arizona. We (law enforcement) only
see more problems if other clubs come here.  It was stated, as it is,
we can deal with you people (the Dirty Dozen- HAMC) and between
you and us, this is what we (law enforcement & FBI) want.  We'll
deal with you people and you will deal with us - and no other clubs
- and we intend to keep it that way, as we expect you to."

Arizona - Ralph "Sonny" Barger
Arizona - Ralph "Sonny" Barger
Take dead aim on what you wanna do.  Be
sure you're right;  then go ahead