Est. 1966 Arizona
1978 Canada
2005 California
Tic and Hells Twenty One is about when the money and good times are all gone and all you're left
with is a 9-5 job and your scoot;  but the brotherhood, your organization and care for each should still
go on.   Back in the RICO days, the feds claimed "That when the money left, so did the brotherhood."

Tic and a few good men were out to prove this "club thing"  was for real. That the HAMC, the Dozen
and others really did find something in the sixties that was so alive you could taste it and would hold
on to it all their lives. Tic, Chuck, Billy, Sonny, Cisco, Johnny Angel, Cheeta, Bobby Mora, Chuck
Thompson, Tom Longnecker and many others are examples in there later years and a testimony to the
patch, your club, and your scoot.

August, 1996  Chico Mora on Dirty Dozen to Hells Angel Patch
from:  Tucson Weekly Archives, Karen Brandal,  August (8) 21, 1996     (Hells21)

"According to Robert "Chico" Mora, who's been president of the Dirty Dozen's Tucson chapter, there's always been a
close association between the two motorcycle clubs: "
There's always been some members who would urge the rest
to trade patches with Hells Angels.
What I mean is our jackets would say Hells Angels/Arizona instead of Dirty
Personally, I've been for it forever. They're the only guys that have the legal machine to fight the cops. I
mean, the feds and the cops wouldn't even try with the Angels what they do to us. The Angels have the money to fight the
cops. They own property, movie and other entertainment businesses, they put on concerts--yeah, it'd be great. I know and
Sonny Barger."
So why, throughout the years, have some members been opposed to joining the Angels?
Mora smiles ruefully. "I'll tell you why. Trading patches means you also take on Hells Angels responsibilities and their
enemies. It means we're a Hells Angels chapter in Arizona, but we'd still be concerned with the world. They have shooting
wars everywhere--they're shooting each other to ragdolls and blowing each other up. That's a lot of responsibility."

Bobby Morra was one of the greatest Dirty Dozen members and carried on what Tic and others visioned in the 1960's
that we would work for and try to make happen one day, to patch over to HAMC;
 long after others were gone, and
Tic went in to the wilds of the
Rockies of British Columbia, Canada , Bobby kept the vision alive and it did happen in
October of '96.

Tic told me in 1967 on a cold Arizona morning he was puttin to work on his Panhead along a narrow blacktop farm road,
through the alfalfa and cotton fields near Mesa, that he would be this same person  when he was an old man with long hair
and a beard, so it is today.  It was during those crisp cold mornings he also had a vision of 1%ers riding as one,
rendezvousing thousands strong, once a year.
                                                                  C. Gagneaux   2007
Everlong by the Foo Fighters
iIf you traffic drugs (and I'm only saying drugs) eventually you'll get caught - always have, always will - you'll go away and
so will the money and wealth. Is it worth being at the top for a few years, having it all for so short of a time, to go to
prison for 10 - 20 years or killed?  Hells Twenty One is formed so everyone has more money and a good life without
giving up what is most dear - Freedom and health.

Expediting hard work you can get huge rewards. The system, our system, is corrupt enough: there are ways to
manipulate the present system, staying within the laws, to get long term financial freedom and never have to peddle one
more load of crank - make more money then ever imagined and keep it; and be able, as a club, to tell every corrupt cop
or politician to fuck off.

Often times, doing the right thing doesn’t ‘feel’ like the right thing. It feels boring or mundane and we thirst for
adventure, control, or knowledge, and something get’s us in a lot of trouble.
Finding that balance as a club member
is “remembering” what brought you to finding a scoot, getting it running, making it yours, getting your patch, or smelling
and feeling the leather; the putts, having a true group, riding in a pack getting strong for each other.  I believe when you’re
a great club, with history, both good and bad; it’s the love of your scoot and being free to ride, that sets you apart from
citizens, you find you need less drama and problems because you’ve established yourselves, people tend not to fuck
with you or your club, because of all the past, and when society quits turning on you, the club makes money.
Head Patch:
a lone biker in the mid 60's that came through Arizona from California, said nothing, stayed quiet and alone and
minded his own business, and left a quietly as he came.  We were left with his image and name that was
Jackson, a true Outlaw
Biker and his head, set in the shape of a Harley-Davidson Sportster tank, to carry on as a symbol of honor and freedom.  
Our Center Patch, Jackson.       Tic

Silence keeps a club strong, it’s always been said,  “When you turn on each other, the game is over”.  It’s quite simple -
clubs stay as legal as the Federal government does - good news is we get to enjoy life as they do - or don’t do. The
worst thing is don’t get caught doing something stupid. Over the years, I’ve watched so many go to long term prison time
or get killed. There’s a time for killing, believe me - when I say “Murder is not self defense and self defense is not
murder”, it means exactly that. When you got to take someone out, you have to ask 3 questions; and then do what is
right and go ahead with it.  If you ask correctly, you’ll be ok.

1. Are they hurting or attacking any innocent person and the cops won't do anything about it
2. Is God going to take care of it, or does He want me to
3. Can I get away with it - because it's right

In my humble opinion when it comes to motorcycling and motor cycle clubs, there's nothing more powerful, more
exciting, more honor and more joy and rewarding in wearing a Hells Angel or Dirty Dozen or Hells Twentyone patch.
There just isn't.  In saying that I respect many other clubs and allowing them the same if they are righteous towards my
above feelings. And I will try to work harder in earning their respect. It's not who has the biggest guns or more members,
but Respect and Kindness  and forming brotherhood.  I believe it's 1%ers who can straighten our many problems in our
Country today - people and lawmakers and citizens tend to listen to serious fearless and righteous strong men and their
women, too. If there were 3000 of us and a large contingency of fucking cops who were hell bent on fucking with us "just
because they can" - I would, every one of us would die right fucking there, to let the world know we were good men dying
for a reason.  That we did nothing seriously wrong. I don't want to die, but if it takes that to send a message to the weak
as well as the strong, so be it.    

The oath we take is a higher power for each man to live by and give him strength to help him be a stronger and better
man. I feel a lot of clubs don't do that anymore and I ask why they don't. Is it selfishness, is it because people in the club
are doing bad things only for their own gain - is it greed and they're about only their own agenda and what they can do
only for themselves. Or is it because they're worms who really won't do anything for anyone - watch out for those
characters who serve only themselves.  Make sure your Chapter is of men with integrity - men you're willing to take a
bullet for and he for you.
Keep your scoot, patch, and club first, earn it each day. I promise you it’s not the money - it’s starting your bike, puttin on
your patch, doing your business and build your club.  It may feel old or boring but if you’re a real club member, your life
will be rich and exciting - a little good whiskey will keep you on the edge.  
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Heading Home on
CA I-5
HERE'S A TRUE FACT:     No man can be your true Enemy - the only one's who can are
one of two things.  These are who you must kill or do away with without any further concern. (1) in
WAR, it's the enemy who you are under orders to fight and kill - (2)  the other is the worst, a person
who was your Friend, you swore to defend and protect, be devoted to - a person you loved and
trusted with your life and would have died for.  This person turned on you; broke your heart and
trust, and hurt you to the very core of your soul. This is a person who would hurt and take
advantage of anyone; be a little child or old and helpless. This is the truest of all enemies.
The Dirty Dozen MC was established in the mid 60's and reinforced by Law
enforcement that it would be better for the Dirty Dozen to ride in the state and all other
clubs would be best to acknowledge and support that theory, and in fact, did.  Other
groups who wanted to change that theory, would not only challenge the Dirty Dozen but
law enforcement as well. In fact, going so far as to state, "We (law enforcement) don't
want other clubs coming in to Arizona who don't recognize Dirty Dozen as the main biker
club in the state of Arizona. We (law enforcement) only see more problems if other clubs
come here.  It was stated, as it is, we can deal with you people (the Dirty Dozen- HAMC)
and between you and us, this is what we (law enforcement & FBI) want.  We'll deal with
you people and you will deal with us - and no other clubs - and we intend to keep it that
way, as we expect you to."

Arizona - Ralph "Sonny" Barger
Cory's bike - keeping Arizona's Tradition alive.
2001 Road King Police Model
T.C. 88 with 5 Speed Tran
Stretched Police Bags and Rear Fender
Magnet.murile Fuel Injection
Bike built in living room, 6 months
HELLS TWENTYONE MC is comfortable in supporting good decisions by HAMC
leadership and sometimes it cost hard things.

Do you know we always went to church in the
Dirty Dozen MC, no matter how
cold, stormy, sick or financially stressed,  on our scoots, never once in a cage, or
someone dropping  us off,  our scoots, patch and us arrived at the same time.   We
sacrificed to let the world know we were Dirty Dozen, and we packed our guns to let
people know we were true to our lifestyle.   We were the heart and soul and unless
members were older, sick, or had injuries or crippled, all rode their scoots.  

In my mind, Young Pat is a Hero;  one who stood by his people at a young age.  How
I love this kid for what he endured  and went thru.  He is no different in my opinion
than these young men  who go thru very difficult days in Iraq, Viet Nam or  
Afghanistan.  I would only hope all of us had the courage to follow their bravery.   If
you call yourself a serious biker, with strong principles and convictions like Cory,
who served in Ramadi, Al Ambar Province and OP 3 in Feliija, and others who faced
death every day in Iraq, with no hope to really be alive the next day, or to have your
liver shot out or legs blown off,  you'll understand that
Hells TwentyOne MC is
a priviledge and backbone to something powerful, very quiet and
Old School Code, November 1968, Mesa, Ariz.  

That we, the DDMC, are different from both mainstream folks and the other
half, those who are out of touch in life, what we seem to think as idiots.  We say
watch out for us, do not take us lightly, for we, DDMC, are better men than you,
we stand for many things that are lost in today's world. The bike, patch, and
lifestyle are there to remind you that we are serious people, that because as
we've found out by sad experience, that people, unless they take the higher
road, by respecting us, as any other, and not judging before you know us; will
fear us, so you get the message, and this respect thing down, to how you act
as a man or woman, to us, or anyone,   Figure it out, respect is your ticket to a
good journey in our presence.       
My Pal, Kenny Dunn, "Bombo"
COUNTER: 600,458
We rode our bikes everyday when we went to work, kept our heads down, and only lightly
mixed with people.  After work drove our scoots to the garage or welding shop, or at a
members house, drank a few beers and worked on bikes; we also took care of business
everyday and for the most part of it were fair and to the point.  Hells Twenty One M were a
small group of guys that formed in the Dirty Dozen who always leaned toward being a
Hells Angel and quietly pushed many years for that.  Hells 21 kinda speaks for itself and
that commitment for over 45 years, and for different reasons or not, went that direction.  
For us it always was Oakland.
Early Days Dozen video featuring my old brothers: special
tribute to Billy "Burr" Bridell, Pres.   also Kenny Dunn "Bombo",
and Jimmy Simpson "Hog Jimmy" and the rest of the boys  

Look for Billy on Video 2 "Good Old 8mm from Way Back""   at 7:50 seconds
DDMC Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
DDMC Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
Billy Burr Bridel
Bobby Chico Mora
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