Tic and Zina Suzette, his wife during early
years of the Dirty Dozen.  Photo was taken
in the early 70's on a rare brake from club
business. Suzette was French decent,
5'10", 125 lbs, spoke 3 languages, sang
and played guitar, was a professional model
and could fight at the drop of a hat. She
hated cops and authority and often times
was a handful if the club got into it with
them. Tic had to bail her out one time for
fighting 2 cops and it took 3 to get her
In later years in Canada, Tic, Suzette and 3 cowboys had a
large herd of cattle gathered and cornered in a high mountain
meadow in the Canadian Rockies. They had worked several
days to get them to the trap, and were just about to get them
settled in when two locals from a nearby logging town, in a 5
ton truck, came barreling down a narrow logging road and
ripped right through the herd of about 300 head and scattered
them like a bunch of bikers leaving a bar fight scene. Zina
Suzette spurred her horse straight head on at the on coming 5
ton. The truck almost flipped over and got hung up on a berm,
disabling it. Tic pulled his 30-30 from his scabbard but Suzette
already had the driver, a guy named Mickey, and was
dragging him out through the window with her horse. She got
the guy out and with chaps and all, bailed off her horse and
was wailing on him with all she had. The guy got cut badly as
she was yanking him through the truck window and was a
bloody mess. Tic rode up to the other guy on the driver's side
and stuck the 30-30 in his face and said, "Let her finish this",
which she did.
There are many stories of Zina and her years as a righteous Dozen ole' lady and she lived up to every one
of them.  She was smart and Burr and the other members respected her and it was far better to be on her
good wishes then not to be. She was a brave girl who had a rebellious heart, yet a beautiful woman who
rode many dangerous miles with Tic and the club. In those days, ole' lady's packed with us, very few rode.
They carried our ammo and weapons. Suzette packed and rode on LSD and if were around today, would
have led the wildest pack of 1%er women as well as any man. She had absolutely no fear. So long my ole'
friend, you were the real deal.
Turn, Turn, Turn;  Byrds
C Gagneaux,  2005
Flower's bike
2002 Sportster 1200
port and polished
S&S Carb
Baker 6 Speed

Modified by Bob Mooreland
Zina Suzette
Zina  Suzette in her Hey Day!
Tic's ol' lady
Some Girls had
PROPERTY Of ...  Patches
like the Dozen girls below