How this piece of bullshit Hollywood phony crap TV show gets the attention it's
    getting is beyond me. Who watches this stuff?  I assure you, not any real club
    member will ever waste his time viewing 5 minutes of it. I made the statement June
    08' when the Pilot aired, "it most likely wouldn't last one season". Shows how much
    I know sometimes. In the 60's, a lot of us club members got sucked into making
    these "B" rated biker movies. We did it for cash, some free dope, and have a little
    fun. Looking back, it was a little foolish on our part. Personally, in my own opinion, I
    always felt "Hells Angels 69'" and "Easy Rider" were the best bike flicks made.  
    Even the one we, in the Dirty Dozen made, called "Angels Unchained",  made by
    Director, Producer Lee Madden, the same guy who did "Hells Angels '69", was
    pretty corny stuff. I think because being in a movie back in the day, was a pretty big
    thing. Unfortunately, our ego's got our juices up and going. So why after 40 years
    are they doing it again? When we did it there was no template, other than the Wild
    One with Marlon Brando. Us and the HA were doing it because it was really new
    and we quit doing it when we figured out how the Hollywood assholes were using
    our gullibility. That's why they use actors now because they can't trick us anymore
    into it. Like I said, in the website "Herding Cats in the Desert" only an idiot, wanna
    be, or bored citizen will look forward to watching it.

    Because I feel club members are some of the most real people out there in a pretty
    fucked up world and believe for the most part are real men who work at keeping
    brotherhood alive;  we don't need the negative attention this show puts out.  Fuck, I
    watch O'Rielly, Hannity, and Glen Beck, with a little Gretta and Nancy Grace.  If you
    want to scare your fucking self, watch Anderson Cooper in Afghanistan - that's real
    TV for your buck.  The only ones Sons of Anarchy are rapeing are the jerks who
    waste their time watching this. If you like getting raped, go for it.

    Paraphrasing Sonny, "we are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of
    motor cycle riding, motor cycle clubs, motor cycle highway safety and all phases of
    motorcycle driving" - - - Sonny does not refer to a club, nor did we, as a "gang". -
    Sonny prefers the word ‘Club" and quietly corrects people by saying "we don't use
    the G word".

    Tic told me as he was writing about this Sons of Anarchy crap, he would go a little
    further in describing clubs. Real clubs attract some pretty strong people, not
    average by a long shot. A lot of men you'd want on your team when things get
    rough.  He strongly states - the Dozen were and HA are absolutely no more corrupt
    then our government. Our leaders, no more mischievous then our politicians, our
    love for our county, no less then our Agencies who act under the direction of our
    President. There are members who do certain things I don't agree with and they are
    delt with accordingly, always giving them the benefit of doubt.

    This "sons of bullshit' does not advocate what I am about and what the majority of
    us in a club want to happen which is work on honor and respect, ride our scoots, be
    strong and not weak, to be kinder, yet firm on treating each other and others better.
    Show a little integrity people, turn the fucking show off. Do something worth while
    like take out the trash, don't live in this weak Hollywood fantasy TV show. Next time
    you feel to watch it - see if you're strong enough to turn it off and we'll respect you a
    whole lot more.
Put It To Rest:                                                    June 1, 2008

Only an idiot, wanna be, or bored citizen, not a
true club member will look forward to or watch
this weak bullshit biker show coming up, "Sons
of Anarchy"
.  It doesn't have the blessing of any of
the major 1% clubs, especially in California,
therefore the show won't have any 'real' truth to it.
Remember, most people in the world don't care
about us  or our lifestyle anyway, so it will most likely
go away very shortly. If you feel the urge to watch the
Pilot when it comes on, go fire up your scoot and
take a quick one hour putt. When you get back it will
be over and you will feel better and have done
something worthwhile with your time.