"There must be a reason we all meet".
( old yogi saying )
A club member may not always be right,
but he is always your brother
Steve Sanders, who is a warrior and a good man; who
loves life and freedom and his sweet family - and in
this old fighter's opinion, perhaps a little impulsive
and at times,  but a man I respect, even with old age
differences. We old people can't live forever and must
be humble enough to let our young leaders have their
day in the sun, make their own mistakes as we did,
and hopefully become better men than us.

By oath we as Hells 21M are to encourage our leaders,
we have to trust them in their correct decisions and
support them in their mistakes.


From Tic:  Open letter to Asst. DA Paul Reizen:            December 2010

got wind of an inner circle of attorneys who hang in the social click of the San Diego
Courthouse that talk was going around among the groups that DA Paul Reizen was so
fucking angry at getting a
9 – 3 Hung Jury at Steve's Trial;  that at all cost, he would
try and get a re-trial, no matter the cost of time it would take or how much tax payer
( fuck the people ) dollars it costs.  As I hear it, everyone feels this preppy guy is so
consumed by
promoting his own agenda, to be somebody and is trying to take down
a Hells Angel President, who is a good man and father, a businessman, and big wave
surfer, who has for 10 years worked hard at being a helpful and contributing citizen of
San Diego area and Hawaii. A man who conducts himself  professionally and is kindly
to all who know him.  Also in my own opinion,  
The Office of Bonnie Dumanis, District
Attorney for San Diego, who is openly gay or lesbian and first DA ever elected as
such in the US,  supports this junior character, Paul Reizen, and I believe will  use
all available tax payer funds, in my opinion, portraying herself as a reasonable
prosecutor, yet also in my opinion, to
really further herself to getting ahead in her
political career by targeting high profile persons so as to possibly achieve, in my
opinion,  a higher state  office.

Let me be clear, to her sexual choices I am bothered by them in a leadership position,
and especially one as powerful  as a lead DA that she must be very careful, I believe,  
to keep the highest integrity as she conducts her professional life.  I believe and it's
only my opinion, she has an
agenda and a lifestyle she believes in wholeheartedly.  I
caution people on this.  Yet I don't judge her lifestyle or think less of her as a citizen or
a child of God no more than if she were one of my own children.  I have always
questioned when a woman chooses a career over not having  or adopting children if
they can, and have many dear friends who I love that also make that choice not to, and
I always accept any good individual, no matter of race, religion, gender, or sexual
preferences,  to be honest in his or her convictions, decisions, or choices as long as
personal agendas are kept out of any matters that can cause a prejudice or turn the
tides of justice to swaying the courts to achieving or furthering their own agenda   

Mr Reizen, who was dangerously close – as stated by the presiding Judge – to
infringing on the rights of a citizen on trial, that though, not crossing the line, he
was exceedingly close to or on the edge of that line to tampering with a
defendants 5th Amendment Rights.
This to me, in my opinion, this is a very scary
individual who can ruin people's lives because  of his obsession and desire to advance
himself at the cost of others and pursue a Jury’s decision that said not to convict my
friend, based on facts of his trial.  But by having
unlimited financial tax payers
, will do, in my opinion,  what you do best, serve yourself, and don't take my
word on that, listen to what the buzz is among your colleagues  and other attorneys.

In his Closing Arguments, he called me a 'wanna be' because I wasn't a Hells Angel
"and in fact I was invited to be, so fuck yourself Jerk".  Mr Reizen calling me a 'wanna
be' insults not only myself, but to all those I love and shared wonderful experiences
with (even being a student of practicing Hatha Yoga for seven years).  
If I was meant
to be a Hells Angel, I could have-would have.
My life took other turns when my
window and opportunity was there to be a member of HAMC.  
Missing my opportunity
was never full of any regrets
, but a new direction to do my part in supporting the
greatest Motorcycle Club in the world - HAMC, I believe;  by keeping alive
TwentyOne MC
, building it with incredible men, who may or may not become Hells
Angels – and to you, Mr Reizen,
I am and have been very happy in that role.   

At 67 years old, I have been fortunate to experience  a lot of incredible adventures and
blessings in my life and enjoying   life to the fullest. I was able to see and do things
most never have the opportunity to and grateful for all of them, some so very good and
some not so good; from serving in the
United States Marine Corps, to riding and
being a member of the
Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club of Arizona, to being a member
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in doing so,  meeting some of the
greatest minds on the earth today,  and  called to do the Lord's work in the Salt Lake
Temple in Utah, studying Hebrew and getting a further understanding to religion and
world problems, to marrying a beautiful woman, who was a airline stewardess and top
fashion model in Canada, Europe and the US, becoming a wonderful mother and
having 5 beautiful children, to which not one has ever been in trouble and are all
extremely successful today in life;  to have  been a card carrying member in the
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and competed for 8 years nationally,
meeting some of the greatest people that make this country wonderful, finishing 12th in
the state of Texas.  
Having boys of my own who surf beautiful huge waves in countries Reizen may know
very little about, and they to have mastered the languages to travel freely in Nicaragua,
El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Mainland Mexico.   And myself surfed for years in the US,
Mexico and Hawaii and was known at 62 to be surfing the shortest board (6'3, 2. 5\8ths  
Nezzy) at my age. (Paul Reizen,
a hope to be surfer, tried to in one hearing, in every
way to make this not true
until the judge said he had enough gibberish from Mr

I  taught Tennis in the USTA Junior Program,  my students, one to go on to West
Point, two to achieve a future in music and opening acts for music top entertainers
playing in front of  thousands  plus, another coming from humble circumstances and
getting a masters degree in English literature, and another being a drop out high
school student going on to Texas A&M,  receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political
Science from American University School of Public Affairs in Washington, D. C., while
Tennis as a Scholarship Athlete, and holds a Masters in Arts and Religion
with a Concentration in Ethics from Yale University, serving in the Graduate and
Professional School Senate and on the Yale Legislative Advocacy Group.   At age 26
was the youngest to be a statewide candidate for public office anywhere in the United
States during the 2006 election cycle  (
So Mr. Reizen, why in the world would I
vouch for a man like Steve Sanders if I didn't feel and know he was a good person
who has a future in doing good for his family and fellow man
)  By the fucking
I also served as a wildlife guide in the US and Canada, ran  the largest cattle
ranch in Eastern British Columbia, Canada,  employed hundreds over the years both in
ranching and in our family business, Arizona's 3rd largest meat packing and cattle
operation in Mesa, Arizona;  to been fortunate to have made large amounts of money
and to experienced the other side, to have lost large amounts of money and also land.
My family roots go far and deep from
General William Tecumseh Sherman to my
great uncle being the top racing jockey in the US in the late 1800,'s becoming the
largest cattle commission trader in the world and running the Omaha Packing Co. at
the Chicago Shipyards and finally settling in 1948 to Carlsbad as a avocado grower
and  Trap Shooting Specialist with Clark Gable, Andy Divine, and other prominent

You, to me, Paul Reizen, if there is to be a 'wanna be', fill that role; and if I am
wrong – you prove it to me by dropping a case you can't win; and do your duty and
pursue criminals in San Diego that really threaten honest hard working every day
people. Take cases that endanger our children, our elders, our people who deserve to
leave their doors unlocked and windows open. There's a saying the Hells Angels
emphatically put out for all to read and see.
“When we do right nobody remembers, when we do wrong nobody forgets”.  

It would serve you and your staff well to go after real every day criminals and leave
HAMC alone, who are
not gangs, nor am I in any gang, who have members that range
from professional businessmen to actors to normal everyday good working folks.  The
Hells Angels are a CLUB,  – just as a Baseball club or Hockey club, Football club
who at times, have differences like a
Hockey club, who have some pretty violent
on the ice, or any team club, who sometimes fight each other, or a Baseball club
who pile on each other, sometimes in a huge group and sometime get
suspended and
large fines – but not 22 YEARS in prison -  are you absolutely mad?  Steve is a
family man,  has a son he loves and surfs with and is strong enough to be a
Angel President
and lead and counsel other good men in the right direction.  We all
have to earn it in this life,  make sure your are doing it not on the backs of others
recognize you can still win by doing the best thing and that means you don't always
come out first,  you'll be wiser and more respected.  
The DA is a Representative of
THE PEOPLE of SAN DIEGO COUNTY;  the taxpayers!  I wonder if THE PEOPLE
really would support the way the District Attorney's Office is aggressively
pursuing this case using THEIR money in this manner.  Is this the
best choice of
using public funds
Shane Lynn, asst to DA.  
Make sure you call me first before you come by and harass me and my family
I Won't Back Down - You Got Lucky - Last Dance with MaryJane - by Tom Petty
" . . . and though they suffered
at the hands of the Sanhedrin,
the high court of the land, . . .  
and framed false charges
against Stephen, who was
condemned by the Sanhedrin
with great persecution and
stoned to death, even he
Stephen . . ."  

( Acts 5:40 )
This is what I told you she was about months ago

(March 10, 2011 Thursday)
DA Bonnie Dumanis announces run for mayor in 2012
The man who throws the first word instead of
a stone has evolved.  
. . . . . . . . . . . . . Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners are saints;  as heads is tails
Just call me Lucifer;  'Cause I'm in need of some restraint . . . .

Please allow me to introduce myself;  I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year;  Stole many a mans' soul and faith . . . .

I rode a tank;  Held a General's rank
When the Blitzkrieg raged;  and the bodies stank . . . .

Please to meet you;  Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
Ah, what's puzzling you;  Is the nature of my game, oh yeah
. . . .  (link)
Tic's main man,  Orrin Porter Rockwell
San Diego Channel 10
News, September 7, 2013
How he was framed