Some of the most righteous people ever to ride Harleys.
Early members of the
Dirty Dozen MC of Arizona

You have to remember we lived this 1%er club lifestyle seven days a week back in the day. In
the beginning, we didn't have weekly meetings because we were all together every day. We
were in pack of two or six, we went everywhere in our patches. If I went to work and rode my
scoot, I took off my patch when I arrived and put it back on when I left. Even cops would wave
or nod to us. In the state of Arizona, everyone knew we were the Dirty Dozen Motor Cycle Club.
Years later, people would still tell me the word was the "Dozen" are in Arizona, you'll see them
when you get there. You'll be driving day or night and out of nowhere they'll appear, buzz by
you and be gone on their choppers.

Towns waited in anticipation to when the Dirty Dozen would pull in and ride in columns down
their main street. The Dozen were like the Hells Angels in the state of Arizona.  People loved us
and hated us - many felt we weren't a threat and opened there doors and towns to us.
1968  Downtown Tempe, Mill Avenue
Late 1967 Picture of Original Dirty Dozen MC members
DDMC Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
DDMC Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
Warlord and Billy
Sonny and Dirty Dozen