Tic said there would be many good members that would honor and carry out the huge responsibility of the powerful
future of the Hells Angels, but one person kept coming to him year after year and he felt time would prove him to be the
one.  This great member, Cisco Valderama.  Tic said Cisco was the complete 1%er, not the best in everything but
always gave his best.  There were others and they know who they are that are capable, but Cisco understood people
and business.  He would understand 21M's corporate end that would put the HAMC into a financial world never before
done, with it's world headquarters in his home area - Oakland.  21M is about oaths and business period.  Tic says
Cisco also understands 'rendezvous' .    Once 21M is in place, RICO will never be a concern for the HAMC ever again -

Like Tic, Cisco was in many sketchie situations in his life where he could have ended up a heavy felon or in prison for
the rest of his life or dead, but somehow was protected by a higher power to do important and good things in later
years for the HAMC, 1%ers, all bikers in general, and for his country.  

Both he and Tic had another thing in common, they did not have to serve as Prospects.  Tic said that puts a lot of
responsibility and pressure on a man to be as worthy as many great Prospects have been.  

Tic was sponsored by
Mesa Chuck Martin, who he told me was the best bike mechanic in those days that he ever
knew.  Tic said Chuck was one of the most humble members of the original Dozen, who always saw things clearly.  He
had a steady voice and his counsel was always sought after by other members.  He would at any time, help anyone
with making their scoots run better. Tic said Chuck always had the fastest scoot in the club.

Cisco was sponsored by Sonny himself.  Tic said Sonny would never do that unless he knew down deep inside that
Cisco was pure 1%er and a made man.  Tic said after he left the Bay area, he felt Sonny grew strong because Cisco
was a member.  Because Tic was still an active US Marine, he had to keep his distance from clubs.  He told me he'd lay
low, watch, learn and bide his time, but in ‘65, he knew what was inside him.  When his best friend, Vard W. Smith, was
killed in ‘Nam, Tic committed himself to the Dirty Dozen who were his family for the next seven years.  He helped me
understand what an important role Sonny had in bringing the whole thing into being.  He said Sonny had this incredible
vision of the HA and how it was him alone, who put the organization into motion, that Sonny was what he was, that he
was born and called to be only one thing, a
Hells Angel.  That when Sonny's gone, history written of the beginning, the
early days of the City and Bay area, will help ordinary folks better understand Sonny's values, his mistakes, his goals,
his compassion, his love for freedom and his country.  

Tic says only Oakland can be the heart of the HA, it always has and always will be, and when all the Chapters around
the world of all 1%ers understand this, 21M will allow the HAMC to grow to 5,000 committed and united members.  
When the other major clubs, the many good 1%er clubs, and the support clubs realize the HAMC is responsible for them
becoming strong, 21M leadership will work for their success also, and finely the US Government will recognize the vast
army of stand up men on steel horses is necessary for this county to encounter the brutal terrorist forces like Hezbollah,
Hamas and Al Quaeda , who want to take all of what this country stands for and is.  Terrorist groups have no idea what
terror would be dealing with the Red & White, the Outlaws, the Pagans and the Boozefighters.

Tic says 1%ers and clubs have made mistakes, some have been costly, but a new generation of HAMC are coming
along as well as in other clubs that have wisdom beyond their years.  The mistakes were part of learning what to do
and not to do.  
Cops have always felt they have a true brotherhood, many are good men, but a brotherhood, that's a
laugh on them.  Tic says they really won't die for each other, maybe some, but when it comes down to it, it's a job and
they have a life, other than law enforcement..  Being in a club is different then in an organization or job.  Law
enforcement has never stopped us we stopped ourselves before we exterminated ourselves (Law enforcement always
wanted that ) we stopped our wars on each other, we drew a line and took care of business.  Tic says in the day that
21M forms, it will be law enforcement, courts, DA's and judges that will do our so called ‘dirty work'.

Tic told me Canada has been and was a hard lesson.  The brothers there were the salt of the earth, but they made
mistakes growing that cost them heartache and a lot of suffering.  Tic feels the day will come the Canadian HA will
become one of the most respected group of men in that country, and who people will look to and who will fight the
battle for a gentle country.

Tic mentioned a lot of clubs could take a page from the Dirty Dozen, they did what they were supposed to for 28 years,
stay in Arizona, fight for it, and prepare it for Sonny and the HAMC.  Tic has for the last year been preparing for
legislation for a Senator on he hopes will change gun laws in California that will enable a club member who is not a
felon, to pack a firearm on his scooter, his hip, in the state of California, completely written into law in the California
Constitution.  Because Tic's agenda was to unite other good clubs like the Galloping Gooses, Hessions, Banditos and
many more back in the day, he told me they unequivocally  respected the HA, the greatest 1%er club in the world.,  Tic
says with that comes the responsibility of supporting and honoring the other clubs to help make them stronger.  Tic said
he once partied with a few members of the Gooses for only a few hours and just loved those guys.  He said it was total
respect and he regreted not ever seeing them again.

This club thing, a culture, never easy, it's hard for married men with children, but families do understand it's separate.  
Some great men had to leave because of the love for their families and some men stayed because they loved their

Tic says performance of the Oath and business to making 21M work and be successful is between leadership and
members.  It's only been his job to get it to the one man who carries the responsibility to making it happen.  You can
never make a wrong choice and get a right result.

21M will let us who love this thing, take the high ground and never lose it again.  You have to pay the price but in the
end, it will be Harley's, a patch and Red & White and an army of 1% clubs this world have never seen.

Tic's loyalty has always been to the Dirty Dozen and the leadership of HAMC.  He told me Oakland was like the original
Dirty Dozen.  Like the Dozen, they were and are so tight with love for each other.  They're willing to give their lives for
one another on the spot, at any time, and now.  Tic says by Oath, he holds respect for them for that.   He says either
hate grows or brotherhood grows and he chooses brotherhood and respect.  If not, there's serious problems down the
road.  He said, in the Dozen we'd put fear in each other, no matter how much we loved each other.  If you
ratted or hurt
children, you were dead.  That way, you always knew what you were dealing with.  In the 1%er world, you had to have
it that way.  He said a peace came over him when you could respect and love your brothers freely or take someone out
just as freely.  Love was a brotherhood of loyalty; killing a rat was business.                                            Nov. 2006
Tic '68.  Tic '08 Bike for Sale  (Sold)
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Can't Tell You Why,
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Doolin Dalton

by the Eagles
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Dying is easy;   crippled is hard.
Going to prison and losing your Freedom is Hell. So don't get caught doing something stupid.    TIC
Tic, now 67 years old, living in Southern California enjoying the remainder of his days, still
puttin and offering assistance and counsel to those he has always flet close to, as a devoted
Hells 21.
Tic, packing his faithful Model 19 SW 357, just before heading off to Canada in the mid ‘70's with the sacred oaths given
to him from 1965-1973. Protecting these secrets until he was to bring them to the Angel to be trusted with them.
The Great Billy Burr
Dirty Dozen President
Early Clubhouse in LA.
(the Barrons and others)
DDMC Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
Billy taking care of Club business
Bombo, early Dirty Dozen, my friend.  Tic