I think people should listen to Sonny & Tic and they'd do a lot better in life.  It's not a
mystery, just common sense.

Einstein said, "only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity."  Then
he said, "I'm not sure about the Universe.  "It's not that you don't know what to do;  it's
that you don't do what you know!

Tic once told me,  "three are things I'm greatly concerned about, terrorist, drug
trafficking and do-gooders. All three will fuck with people's lives. You know you can't
deal nice with people who are  not nice, so don't waste your time trying
                                                                                                        C. Gagneaux
A passing lane is designed for maneuvering around those people who have the right to go slower, just as it's
my right to rocket around them if I choose to live life at a faster clip. So to spell it out real simple:  You cruise in
the right lane. When you come upon a slower vehicle than yourself, you pass them by going into the left lane,
then you go back in to the right lane. Those are the simple rules.

The highway is designed to accommodate all sort of travelers, both leaders and followers. Since there are
miles and miles of roadway, theoretically there's plenty of space for everyone.

By driving willy-nilly at inconstant speeds, idiotic drivers upset the natural flow and balance of the road for
everyone.  They turn travel into a chaotic and needlessly competitive experience."
In his book, "FREEDOM, Credos of the Road", Sonny Barger said;  " The rules of any two-lane or four-lane highway are
simple. The right lane is for cruising The left lane is the passing lane.  It is not intended to be a fast lane.  I'll repeat: it is a
passing lane.
Tic explained something to me about fixing his temper.  He said, I learned in most cases, big guys don't scare a tuff little
man - usually a big guy (be also the government) never really has to fight all that much (a lot of muscle flexing); a little guy
(most of the people) has his butt on the line all the time. During my Rodeo years, guys were always on the lookout to locate
a mount you could win on.  It was always understood that a little good horse could always out perform a big horse but as
good as he was, he could never out perform a good big horse; problem was there just weren't enough good big horses to
go around - same with clubs. The reason the Dirty Dozen got so strong was because we knew our place, what we actually
and realistically could do and couldn't.  We knew who Oakland was and accepted they were number one.  We grew
stronger over the years because we gave up a part of ourselves to a higher power. This made the people in California feel
good towards us. It put responsibility on them to have care for us,  it was a ‘perfect storm' in allegiance in the biker and 1%
er way of doing things, and it worked really well. Tic told me it's always been his hope for other clubs to do that. Someone
has to be first and you have to trust them to be first. The Galloping Goose, East Bay Dragons, Chosen Few, Straight
Satans, even the Gyspy Jokers and Banditos back then, as I recall, were ok with this. We all basically aligned with the
HAMC and it made for great rendevous. I knew the Outlaws were a great powerful club, but always felt if they could "treaty
up" with the HAMC they could even be greater. Power is always in numbers. If someone fucks up and jeopardizes your club
or organization for something stupid, you got to have counsel and fix the problem.  No man is above his club, and what is
the most important is the Patch, remembering we love our life-stye and are accountable to it and that means the club must
remain in tact. As a writer on this website, I completely realize Tic's message has always been from his early days in 66' to
unite clubs, keep the dream alive, eliminate biker wars that cause so much sadness with so many who are like each other,
realizing only the government. and do-gooders win if we fight and kill off one another. Tic says it's like this- "Ya know
Mohammad Ali is the greatest, right? Maybe not the greatest boxer, but the greatest for many reasons. So be the Hells
Angels, but also Joe Frazier, Oscar De La Hoya, Tommy " The Hitman"  Hearnes, Joe Louis, Larry Holmes, even Mike
Tyson and Rocky Marciano and many more; all great men of the boxing world - but no matter what, for many reasons
Mohamad Ali (HAMC) is the greatest!  And guess what, Ali became the most humble and speaks with so much respect  for
all these great men.

Ya know, society just doesn't get it, can't put it together, but we as 1%ers can get it, we just have to work on respect and
integrity, with each other - and believe me, one who has lived it, where my stomach was sour, the safety on my gun off,
riding in the dark night on my scoot; to some crazy situation, it's a lot better on your body and mind to work things out with
each other.  I believe in sit downs, looking at my opponent in the eyes and searching for his good, understanding I'm not
always going to get all I want, but working at  respecting him or his crew and being his friend, each of us giving a little to
make it work out for everyone.
When I was riding hard with the Dozen, the one thing I had to work at was controlling a very violent temper - at a full 6'1",
218 lbs, I tended to be a destructive son of a bitch, and a  temper that could have put me or others away for many years. I
had to learn when to lite someone up and when it was unwise to. I like the story of the old bull and the young bull. They're
both standing up on a high hill and there was about 20 cows down in the valley.  The young bull says to the old bull, "hey,
old bull, let's run down there and fuck one of those cows."  Where as the old bull says, "Let's walk down there and fuck
them all."

I found out over the years when I believed I couldn't be whipped, there's always someone badder. I fought two guys at once
one time.  It's a lot harder to do in real life than in the movies.  We fought for almost five minutes back and forth, one even
had a stick. Just when my lungs and body couldn't go another second, they gave up. Lucky ole' me, they were just as spent
as I, but didn't realize I too was done.  Instead of walking away being grateful I was intact, I grabbed one of them by the
throat, took him to the ground and said I out to kill your ass right now, but instead, let him back up and said let's go work this
out over a beer. If I had let my temper take over, I would have been arrested and put away. Both they and I had access to
firearms. We talked, one of them was fairly fucked up. I wanted him to clean up and get fixed so his other people wouldn't
be so pissed. One of them called their leader and put me on the line with him. He started  fucking with me and told me what
he and his crew was going to do. (They were in another state) I said, "Look asshole, I stood down on them so think about it
before you start a fucking war."  If I had dare let my temper do  something worse to them, I could have involved a whole lot
of people and had a real mess on everyone's hands.

One of the most important times to keep it together is the parole period. I've been locked up, never too much, but the
hardest time to submit to, not loose your cool is when you get out. This is the time to bear down and walk the line. Say your
‘yes sirs, no sirs', be on time, do what the fuck they want. They're looking for one simple mistake, one excuse to make you
go away again, and get locked back into the system. They want you perfect, something no person can be. I took my
probation period very seriously, treated it with the up most care. They want or expect you to fail. They can be real pricks
and have the law on their side, it even pisses them off when you're doing well.  Never be late or a no show. Turn it around
on them, figure out what they're about, what they like or want in their life. At one time, I was pretty good at tennis, taught a
lot of kids in the USTA how to be winners and hit with precision. One of my probation officers was a wanna be tennis
player, was obsessed with the game. I casually mentioned at a meeting, I could help him get better if he came to the courts
some evenings and I'd give him some pointers, he said how about that night. He showed up with one of his other co-
workers and I took about an hour with them. All of a sudden, they saw me as a regular guy, wanted me to help them each
week, even offered to pay me. I said that's not necessary, just give me a little slack and make my probation period less
stressful and get me out of the system. From then on, it wasn't "what you up to, who you hanging with, or are your prompt"
but is my forearm getting better, am I following through on my slices, or what can I do to get more heat to improve my serve".
My advice to guys getting out is to stay grounded, treat this period seriously, don't give these assholes any room to fuck
with your life.  Get them in some way to be sympathetic to how well you're trying. Stay on track for this short period and
these guys and the suck ass system will be in your rear view mirror as you ride your scoot off to freedom.
It was over them not respecting me and telling me to get fucked -
something not worth starting a war.  Tempers can get clubs in trouble
and it was their temper, not mine, that was out of order. By defusing my
temper, I controlled a situation that cold have turned out ugly. A week
or so later, the guy who was motherfucking me on the phone, met in a
sitdown and admitted his people were out of line and thanked me as
one of the guys was related to him.
If someone wants this soul, they're going to have to go through fucking
Hell to get it!  To put a tweak on the old country song;  
I found out as you get older, you need
*  faster, more comfortable scoots
*  bigger guns, more magazines
*  more whiskey in your coffee
*  more Yoga and gym work
*  and alot more sleep

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One thing I know, Tic will look into your eyes and soul and know how deeply committed you are to claiming who you are.  
You corporation wanna be's, church goers, gang bangers or Patch holders, Cops or athletes - he'll know if you're fake or
the real deal.  I think it comes from being a 1%er or early day Filthy Few.  Tic said to me, "I know fear, felt it to the core, it's
a sick feeling, your stomach turns sour - you absolutely feel you are going to die.  It fills your body but you just don't give a
fuck; and you go for it.  I hate it, but it is what it is."

"Anyone who faces real fear, knows this feeling. I believe the boys felt this in Laughlin and in my mind, they became what
my brothers and I felt back in the day. They became real men. The Patch is your armorer.  Wanna be's in clubs are to me
easy to spot,  they blink and look away, no color in their skin, shuffle their feet;   them, I know, they are not the ones I am
concerned about.  The same with cops, the motherfuckers who talks too much. I am looking for the fucker who has that look
in his eye like mine; he's the one you better be ready for - he's like me, the one you got to get before he gets you.
He's not afraid of you, like you, he's got ice in his veins. You got that way being in those situations alot. I had a friend in the
Dozen who was stronger than I, he actually gave me the same feelings he had, but I had to go through it alot of times to get
it. I can't tell you how much I respect those guys in Laughlin.  That's real courage that most people do not understand,
especially in this day, except for Marines and guys in Iraq and Afghanistan.                         
                                                                            (Reflective moment with Tic,  July 2009)         
C Gagneaux
Your Temper ......
... ON THE ROAD ...

I have a friend, actually, he's one of my doctors who's trying to keep me alive - he's Pakistani - he
was real late for my appointment the other day, so when I got in to see him, he told me some
distressing news In Pakistan, his wife's parents, who are not wealthy, but somewhat affluent, have
some help, as they are in their 70's;  woke up to 4 men with Uzies, ak47's and Mac 10's bent on
doing what goes on every day in that dirt bag country, which is robbing and killing folks.

They killed 2 drivers, a gardener and shot the cook seven times. The parents suffer from heart
problems fell to their health conditions. The cops came and made a ten minute report and went on
their way. Life is so cheap, my doc friend sadly told me. The bad guys don't even cover their
faces, just saying, "if you tell anyone, we'll come back and kill everyone."  They  just sprayed the
entire house with bullets so no one can live there.  That's why he was late for our appointment.

I don't like people who are cowards and prey on weak, old people, women or kids;  and over there
are lots of these fuckers.  The gang bangers and people like them are not too far from this
mentality. And I personally believe it will be 1%er bikers are they only ones who can control these
bad guys.

Take it Easy, EAGLES