Tic said to me one late rainy afternoon, ‘You know this country is about to get tested and real again.'  I feel I
want to tell you the truth about some things in our defense, that went on with the Dirty Dozen; and I'm sure other
clubs in the middle sixties and seventies.   Ninety five percent of everything written is negative, blown out of per
portion, and a lot of half truths, said by authors who want to sell books.  I'll tell you a fact most won't give you:   
99% of outlaw bikers have real good hearts and are men who are seeking a lost brotherhood.  I have seen and
experienced hundreds of kind acts.  That said, I'll tell you how we got to the point where we developed our own
society, our own rules and ways.  I'll also tell you we all made a lot of mistakes.  But the cold fact is, Law
enforcement was up to no good during this period.  As an active club member, I witnessed the corruption, which
drove us deeper into 1%er life.  RICO, BEU (Bikers Enforcement Unit) OCA (Organized Crime Agency) ATF and
the rest were not yet around.  The Feds and local police resented us and did from the beginning; and never did
like us or want us to exist.  We found out, and not quick enough, that cops have more moves than a pig on ice.  
We had to get smart or they would have taken us out, one by one, man by man, club by club.

They would, for example, say, ‘Look people, we only want one club in our state (or area).  It's easier on
everyone this way.  We'll let you guys know what's up, who's coming, when, how, etc.'  They were willing to look
the other way or did little about it if we took care of business quietly.  In their mind, it was always one less biker
out of the way.  We got fooled thinking we could stop a problem before it became to big, but all the time, the
Feds were building cases against each of us.  You have to remember in the 60's, all this was new.  We were
young and writing our history, as well as our mistakes.  What we learned very quickly was not to trust law
enforcement on anything they said or did.  Even if a cop wasn't dirty, they all knew what was going on.  Because
clubs can eventually work problems out between themselves and find ways to settle up things instead of wiping
each other out like the cops were hoping, we started rendezvousing and setting up territories.  

Tic said for quite awhile, the outlaw world managed itself.  Clubs and people acquired respect for each other
because we all knew the consequences if we crossed the line and didn't work it out.  When the Feds saw we
were getting along respecting clubs and each other's lives, they kicked it into a higher gear to discourage and
eliminate us.

A lot of bikers are good entrepreneurs and we got a little sloppy with things and ‘stuff' society wanted at the
time, LSD, pot and eventually some serious drugs.  Very quickly, clubs put out a rule - peddle your shit on your
own time, leave the club and the patch out of it.  So, fuck RICO and the rest.  They were wrong, and Sonny and
the boys proved it.  

Billy Burr, Dirty Dozen President, didn't let our people use speed or crank or LSD when functioning as a club.  But
it wasn't the LSD or pot the local police wanted to get us on, hell, a lot of them were using it on their own time.  
They wanted to get to the heart of who we were, cripple our spirit and take away our joy of riding and being free.

The very first time I remember law enforcement and do-gooders went for our throat to get deep to our soul, and
we should have stopped it cold, was the ‘Helmet Law'.  It bit us to the core, our freedom.  Police picked up on it
when they saw how it effected us; how hot and pissed off and emotional we were.  It was now a new effective
way to legally harass and work us over, using a questionable law to get us to jail and off the street.  
The law at the time wasn't yet written into legislation.  You could leave home on your scoot one time and no
hassles.  The next time cost you tickets and a lot of money.  Tic said he'd paid hundreds of dollars in fines.   
What they really wanted was for us to get into a fight with them and spend 90 days in a shitty city or county jail.   
Even though a lot of us were packin, we weren't about to pop a cop over a helmet ticket, and they knew that.  
They were hoping we would, I saw it in their eyes many times. Then because we would be emotional and a little
hesitant, they were ready, committed and hoping at the first bad words said, to just blast away.   Tic said it was
always a bad and tense situation, especially with the younger cops.

Slowly and surly this is and has been do-gooders issue, for not just bikers, but everyone.  They would like all
firearms locked in an armory in your community and you go check them out to hunt or target practice.  Tic
wanted me to get this down, so at least bikers get it down, especially major clubs, the HAMC, Outlaws, and
Banditos and all others will come along to move on it
- if you are a US Citizen        
- you are over 21 years of age
- you are not a felon
- have not been convicted of a felony in the last 10 years
- have no outstanding warrants
- have no restraining orders on you
- register your firearm, if your state requires
- have a bill of sale for your firearm
- pass the firearm safety course, if required
and; have a legal driver's license and motorcycle license and have your scoot registered and
insured,  just as you would with a vehicle, have the same right to pack an unchambered firearm
on your scoot be you male, female, citizen or patcholder.

NOTE:   Felon: you will have the right to own and
posses a firearm if you:

- did your time and paid your debt to society
- returned to productive citizenship
- abide by the laws in the State you live
- have not any convictions other than a Misdemeanor
- was not convicted of 1st or 2nd degree murder
- was not convicted of voluntary manslaughter
- was not convicted of strong armed robbery or being an accomplice
- was not convicted of kidnapping or being an accomplice
- was not convicted of rape or participating in or being an accomplice
- was not convicted of child molestation or being an accomplice
- was not convicted of being a sexual predator
- are not a registered sex offender
- are not a registered rapist
- was not convicted of terrorism against the United States of America
- was not convicted of trafficking drugs other than marijuana
- have 10 or more years passed since your release from prison
- have 10 or more signatures from persons in your state of good character that will
sign affidavit and vouch for your character and status as a good citizen

Tic told of a sad case of a young man of 20, who made a couple of youthful bad choices, where he purchased a
small amount of heroin for personal use.  A  D.E.A. sting operation left him for the rest of his life as a felon.  This
was his only arrest before or since and now is a Felon forever ?!  Really wrong to ruin  a boy's life who has paid
his debt and is trying to go on with much difficulty.

Remembering that England, the mother country, stated and mandated that "all men" who signed the Declaration
of Independence and our Constitution ( John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, to
name a few ) were criminals and were to be hanged as such, determined as "felons", and all that supported
these new laws of the United States of America, were subject to the same consequences to losing all they had
acquired, including imprisonment or their lives.

Tic, I asked, you're 65 years old, you have had a rich life, great experiences, you have many children, a degree
of health and peace, you can do what you want to some degree, ride your bikes, surf, travel, enjoy your family.  
Why stir things up and cause stress to yourself?  Other than my commitment to Hells Twenty One M, Tic said,
‘All that is true, but I just can't let the do gooders, the people who want to take our freedom away, and the
government slowly work us over.  Just as it was in the 60's and 70's, I feel I have to do as I tried to do back in
the day; try and do what I can do best maybe - bring clubs together and keep the dream alive that was formed
out of the reason why we were a club, for an ole kick-start Harley, feeling the ‘potato',  the engine exploding
between our legs, riding with a pack with some of the best men people would be so fortunate to know and hang

I know myself and others did some bad things, but I never knew one brother that was evil.  In law enforcement, if
you're dirty, you get fired maybe go to a white collar prison, even loose your wife and family.  In a 1%er club,
you can loose your life.  That's why I said before, cops think they have brotherhood and it's a laugh on them.  In
the Dozen, the Hells Angels, the Outlaws, Sons of Silence, Banditos, Vagos, Warlocks and others, the rules are
very serious.  Forgiveness can happen, but is not easy to acquire.  Club life is not for mainstreamed society, but
it does have it's  place in America and a lot of good folks understand

That's why Sonny said ten or twelve Hells Angels could take on a hundred people and win.  I experienced that
myself with my brothers.  That's what you're all about, work for, to have  people other than your family that will
lay it all on the line for each other.  I can honestly say, for the hard years I rode as a member of the Dirty Dozen
Motorcycle Club, we never started a fight with any citizen, not once.  1%er bikers don't go around acting tough
with good folks and in fact, feel good about being kind and respectful to nice people.  I was on a plane recently
seated next to a lady who was a little disabled and a little slow in speech.  She had a Mickey Mouse helicopter
hat on and people were chuckling and whispering about her different manner. She noticed some of my arm
guards and rings and asked if I was a biker.  I said I was and she leaned over to me and said very quietly in my
ear, so on one could hear, ‘I live in Northern California in an area that's a little rough.  Whenever I'm walking
home or to the bus, my neighbors, who are
Hells Angels, walk with me and carry my bags; and when I come
home late they walk me to my door.  

If I need something like milk or bread from the corner store, and it's late, they won't let me go get it but send a
young man for it, or will go themselves.  They gave me a little red and white patch I keep in my pocket.  Then
she gave me a little twinkle and said, but I can't tell people where they live'. "

Tic says a club is like a church or a special marriage.  It's sacred, you take vows, oaths, work at becoming loyal,
trustworthy, devoted, respectful, becoming a better member and brother to the club and patch.  That's why it
hurts so deep, you feel so violated, got the breath taken right out of you, when a brother flips, becomes a
rat, a
snitch, or informate.  It can break your heart.  Tic says when you get through the pain, real anger sets in because
the trust was so deep.  Tic said he always told his brothers, "Look, if law enforcement come to you, threatens
you with jail or what ever, to flip and turn, come to us and tell us; we can fix it somehow.  We can turn it around
on them.  Don't ever be afraid to come to your brothers first."

Tic told me, one thing
law enforcement wants to get out there to society is their favorite word, "gang"!  They just
love that fucking word.  No true 1%er club member will ever use that word when it comes to a motorcycle club.  
Bangers like the word and it fits them.  Just drop the "B".  We're a club.  I never heard anyone ever back in the
day, call the HAMC, the Dozen, Outlaws, Banditos, Hessions, Pagans or any other club a "gang" before RICO.  
We were the Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club, or the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, or the Outlaws Motorcycle Club
- period.

Now this gun stuff has got to be fixed.  What do you honestly think is going to happen when 30 thousand troops
are going to come back from Iraq, who have lived with a weapon in their hands every day for a year or years, a
lot of them like I did over 40 years ago, will end up in a motorcycle club.  It's a more normal life to them.

Listen friend, Israel can absolutely wipe out Iran in a very very short time, but no one yet, including us, have
figured out how to get rid of Al Quaeda, Hezbollah, or the others, because they're guerilla terrorists and are
willing to kill innocent people.  Bikers will make a difference when all this crap over there comes home here to us
on our soil.  Israel is an ancient word and country, we in America have always been linked to it.  What ever
happenes to Jerusalem will happen to us, we're dead center in the middle of it all:       

                                         C Gagneaux,   2008
In retrospect, Nicatic said, all this helmet shit was really
leading to opening the door to the next big step in
taking our rights and freedom, the big one, just ask
Sonny, the one they all wanted, and in a frenzy over,
the right to pack a firearm on your scoot or person.  
You have to remember Tic said, back in the day, many
people packed a firearm, he said, ‘we all grew up with
it'.  Tic said, having a firearm gives you the power to
walk away.  If someone hassles you, calls you a name
or wants to fight, Tic says you just excuse yourself and
walk away, even if you're called  a chicken shit, punk,
or coward; you just walk away.  That weapon is not for
words against you but an action on you.  The last thing
one should ever do is fire on someone and if you do,
it's because you feel your life or someone's life is being
threatened, in danger and you or they will be killed.  If
you know and understand that, just as it is a privilege
to drive a vehicle, by passing the laws to do so and
because of the 2nd Amendment, you have the right to
bear arms and protect your right of life.
William Tecumseh Sherman, whose
personality was reflected in his reddish
beard and wild eyes, flowered under
Grant's command.  Of the Union
campaigns, his were considered the
most brilliant.
Best tacos in  California
The man who keeps me out of harms way, my attorney, Conrad
Oakland, CA 2006
"If you push Tic too far, I swear, he'll start a revolution.
Every time you lose a liberty, or your rights, you'll never get them back."  
                                                                                                                                                     C. Gagneaux
All Rights Reserved
US Copyright, 11/2006
Fighting for Gun Rights in Sacramento, California 2006
Original Berdoo Hells Angels
Dirty Dozen MC
My Man,  Orrin Porter Rockwell