Thursday, April 30, 2009  -  Smart Ass or Bad Cops are always playing games.
Sometimes Super Cops, because "they" feel they are
Super Cops, embarrass their
fellow officers by their actions to promote their own agenda.

The History Channel (USA),  slime bag and coward liar Anthony Tait, the Feds and State
law enforcement did what they do best last night,  using a little new information with a lot
of old video footage, to distort and create friction, that right now is not happening. Since
October 21, 2008, Mongols are subject to losing their Patch if seen  by law enforcement
in public, at least
in California. Many are in a fight for their freedom.  Tait and his crew
want you to believe there's killing every night, when in fact, as always and has been from
day one, it may very well be to continue stirring clubs up and pitting them against one
another. Yes, there are problems, but the Hells Angels leaders I know are wise beyond
having wars.

I always felt Roger Pinney had some things right and was a good American soldier who
had a vision like a lot of us did; he chose one direction, I chose the Dozen and the
Anthony Tait - One of the oddest charaters that has come across in the biker world.
Profiles persent a complex and confused man, with an almost Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
personality, ranging from the worst acts of violence in the company of his fellow bikers,
to complete moralistic disgust at the slightest otion of illegality - all wrapped up in a
package that gave him the appearance of a mild-mannered public servent, with thick
glasses and moustache.

He had always believed cops could do in real life what they did on television ... he also
felt he could do anyone else's job better.  He was adept at telling people how things
should be done. An experienced FBI agent probed Tait until he found the right buttons to
push to get him to work for the FBI as an informant. Those buttons were money and
ego. Tait always the master at manipulations, always working someone, be it the FBI,
his handlers, the bikers, or just anyone ... adamant he be paid for his information, (unlike
Jay Dobyns who worked for a measly salary for the ATF) because he believed in his
job. Sonny himself stating "They got us fair and square, leave them alone (ATF). We
need to reevaluate how we prospect members", and from others "Those guys are
damned good actors". The real sad part with Dobyns and William Queen, both making
statements, that they sincerely liked many members and felt close to the clubs they
infiltrated, it was their job.  Neither one of these agents felt any joy in putting away
people that would have given their life for them. Not Tait though, of all the infiltrators,
rats, informants, and people who turn or flip, he was out to fuck everyone he could for
the benefit of Anthony Tait. Even in the military, where a lot of us have to forget our
personal agenda, get along, support, serve, and protect one another, Tait had a
disciplinary problem. He disagreed with the way the Army taught self defense, stating he
was way out of their league ... yet misappropriated government property, was
Court-marshaled and continually complained he didn't get enough time for himself.
Monday morning came too early for Tait ... he became fed up with the Army, "This is a
sack of shit, I've had enough of this." and went AWOL for the second time. In March of
1974, Tait was given and "Undesirable Discharge". On October 16, 1974, Tait applied
for a job with the CIA, saying "you need people like me" ... not any more the CIA said.

Tait stated at one time, "I know where every one of the HA live and I have the skill-level
and expertise to take every one of them out." Blair Gurthrie was for example one Tait
didn't like. Tait visited the author of his book who lived in Canada in late May of 95' and
talked about Guthrie's unhealthy interest in Tait's health.  In the early hours of July 4,
1995, police found a burning Ford Bronco beside a highway in Sacramento County. The
body behind the wheel was 80 percent burned. There was a bullet hole in the temple
and a bullet hole in the abdomen and a bullet exit hold in the neck. The person was shot
lying down and his corpse was placed in the truck and torched. Tait, who was once
more in Canada in mid-July to visit the author, chuckled when told of Guthrie's death.
"Shit happens, when you party naked and do not post a guard," he said.

Tic says, one of the toughest things in life, a very hard lesson when you trust, confide,
sincerely care for someone, and you find out they've been working you, using you,
deceiving you - nothing lower in life be a child molester. These cowardly users will
sucker punch you, blindside you when you least expect it, and try and spin everything to
them being totally right and everyone else totally wrong. They surround themselves
many times with some very good people who trust them, giving them part true ideas and
information  always keeping the carrot in front of them of things that are going to
happen, that never do.

"Pick on someone your own size Tait, try a little piece of me, I'm not going anywhere and I'm
not that hard to find."
From his earliest day ... Anthony Tait
played both sides of the street. He
punched and intimidated his way
through the underside of society ...
but he also harbored a long seeded
desire to legitimize his authoritarian
dark side:  he wanted to be a cop,
(The real wanna be) ... had at times,
passed himself off as a cop ... he
thought, looked and acted like one.
He gave the cops bits of hearsay ...
the information interested the cops
enough they listened to him ... Tait
was not a formal informant ... he just
told police friends what he knew.
2008 103" Harley
with Power Commander set
(faster than a speeding bullet)
Mouse Over
Top Cop? ...  
In his own words, "I'm the best cop in Oceanside";  at least that's what he says
his Supervisor tells him.  And he sure as hell wasn't shy about telling all of us
last week in a traffic stop as Tic was being handcuffed. So he sure must be a
Super Cop".

He likes the word "supersize" but in my opinion, the only thing supersize about
this guy would be his belly - Tic even offered to pay his initial start classes at
heated Hatha Yoga.  Tic said, "Actually I don't dislike him;  I think he's kinda
Even our enemies can help us in our perfection,  
(old Yoga saying)
either in loving them or putting a cap in them.

If this guy had been in Viet Nam, he probably would have been fraked.

Schickel might be alright;  I'll let you know in a year ...
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