Put It To Rest:                                                                                   June 1, 2008

Only an idiot, wanna be, or bored citizen, not a true club member will look forward to or
watch this weak bullshit biker show coming up, "Sons of Anarchy"
.  It doesn't have the
blessing of any of the major 1% clubs, especially in California, therefore the show won't have any
'real' truth to it. Remember, most people in the world don't care about us  or our lifestyle anyway, so
it will most likely go away very shortly. If you feel the urge to watch the Pilot when it comes on, go
fire up your scoot and take a quick one hour putt. When you get back it will be over and you will feel
better and have done something worthwhile with your time.
Stand for Something, or you'll Fall for Anything. Once you lose a Liberty, you'll Never get it Back
To keep freedom alive, you have to be willing to sacrifice, that's why Sonny states he makes it a point
to get on his scoot at least once a day, fly my colors, ride fast and loud, and show the town and myself
I exist. ( from "Freedom" ) Tic says he mounts up with his colors without his helmet now and then and
shoots the I-5 so people remember, or say ‘That's what I'm talkin' about". It's always a risk being free.
Tic said he and a few other have never wanted the dream to die that was formed in the 60's by the

Oakland Hells Angels, the Dirty Dozen of Arizona, the Straight Satans, the Hessions, and Gypsy
. We all foresaw the direction of our government wanting to take our individual free right to be
ourselves - different.
The do-gooders have always tried to sneak language and changes into
legislation to cripple our life style.
 Some clubs tried to organize a coalition but didn't have the
knowledge to get it done. When all these laws get passed, it effects how we as bikers get to enjoy life.
1%ers for the most part don't want to deal with it. We're so
fucking independent we won't group
together on anything. Sonny and the boys tried to fight helmet laws in California and finally through up
their hands and said, ‘the hell with it". We in the Dirty Dozen Motor Cycle Club were partly to blame, we
didn't get off our asses and help the boys in California because we didn't have a legislative helmet law
in Arizona at the time. Shame on our club and everyone else during that period.
Trying to lead a
coalition of outlaw bikers is like
Herding Cats in the Arizona Desert. But a few of us did
look to the Hells Angels for direction. We didn't have all the answers to Hells 21M, but time filled in the
blanks, maybe we'll try again and get it right this time.                            "Tic"    2006
Dirty Dozen MC