Some hidden tracks of
Freddie Mercury's
last six weeks alive - only when you're dying do things
clear up and you start to begin to figure it all out.
One Year of Love; ,   You're My Best;   Too Much Love Will Kill Ya

Heaven for Everyone, Save Me,
 These are the Days, and
Who Wants to Live Forever

Flash, Let Me Live, Is this the World We Created,  I Want to
Break Free

My Life Has Been Saved
"Too much love will kill ya just as sure as none at all"  
1st Jacob Lake Run -Bombo, Tic, Hog Jimmy, Hawkeye - 1969
To my sweet kids:   Kinlay, Malachi, Jessie Jean
Marie,             Israel Melchiah, and Elijah Blue

Last days of Freddie . . . . . .
Farrokh Bulsara
Freddie Mercury
From the Island of Zanzibar
Born Sep 5 1946 - Died Nov 24 1991