Little Britches - Flower ...
Some people come along in your life you know you can count on, who would never intentionally let you down and will
always have your back. All through time, there have been great women fighters as well as humanitarians, women we in
the 1%er world of outlaw bikers would honor right along side of us wearing the patch, There were a few, as a member, I
perhaps would have voted them in. I figured what they lacked in stature, they would make up carrying a piece, just as a
small guy may have to. But I was never a president of a club, I was a soldier and follower and better men than I had to
make tough decisions concerning women. Burr and Sonny knew what was best for the whole of the club. In his book,
"Hells Angel", the life and time of Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club,"  puts it this way, "The higher
quality the old lady, the better the Hells Angel. We go out of our way to make sure the women who either go out on runs
with us, visit our club houses during parties, or are just associated with us feel one hundred percent safe. Touch a Hells
Angel old lady and you risk the wrath of not only the member but the entire club."  Tic said the assholes who said the
Dozen, and I'll include the Hells Angels and some of the other clubs from back in the day,  were a bunch of rapist and
worse ,were dead fucking wrong, if a female was turning out, it was because she was in to it and choose to on her own.
She was never forced or beat up to do that and if any member was doing wrong towards a helpless female and she was
scared asking for things to stop, someone in the club would step right up and correct the situation. I actually remember
one time when a couple of hot college girls hooked up with us one late afternoon and one thing led to another and
everyone ended up at a member's house. Both girls were into turning out for about twenty members. It always kinda blew
my mind why these girls from exceptionally fine homes and parents wanted to do this. Bewildering to me for sure, in any
case, they were having a ball and a lot of fun, as well as the guys. Than after a while, one girl speaking for both of them
said,'"Ok you guys, we're done, that's it." of course the guys who hadn't got any of the action and had waited their turn
were disappointed, saying as they zipped up, "damn, I wanted some of that and walked away." One member though
figured he wasn't going to be denied, letting his dick run his head. He started urging one of the girls saying, "Come on,
you can't do that to me." he wasn't getting rough but was pushy. It was a little too much and she was getting scared. I
don't believe he  would have wigged or done anything heavy as he was a pretty righteous member. In any case, Hog
Jimmy and I took him outside and said, "look brother, it ain't going to happen. She says she's done and you gotta respect
that." Jimmy and I hadn't participated as we were acing as Sargent of Arms that day so others could get loose. The
brother argued a little but understood he needed to stand down on this one. I escorted the girls to the bathroom so they
could get themselves together. They ended up partying with us the rest of the evening and the next day. I only saw them
a few times at one of our bars, the Casa Loma, which also served as a college and hippy gathering place. One of them
told me that was a crazy afternoon and she wouldn't trade it for anything. She said she had never done that before or
since and most likely will never again. So I figured she would be about 60 years old now and all her grandchildren will
never know of their sweet grandma's afternoon of wildness with the Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club of Arizona. I'm sure this
happens many times with clubs. Cops and do-gooders love to turn it all around, get girls to imply things that never
happened. There have been a few and I'll say, very few, where things got out of hand and went south. I personally never
knew a member that raped a girl or harmed a helpless female that was scared. I won't say also that a member never
struck an ol' lady, myself included, and we as men, should never strike a girl. I was told one time on a run, I may have to
knock out my ole lady Zina Suzette if she didn't back off the cops. The cops had set a roadblock up on us and Suzette
didn't like it. She had a brain like a lawyer and was in these cops face and they were threatening to take a number of us
down. Bombo said, Tic, you got to cool Suzette down. He loved Suzette but she was way out of control. I grabbed her
and took her behind a gas station and said, "look. I got to knock you out cold if you don't shut the fuck up and I sure don't
want to do that."  She was so pissed off at the cops and had a right for sure but she also knew she was out of line and
walked it off. This girl had a serious temper. I knew Dirty Dozen and HAMC members and many others who were some of
the finest men you'd ever want to be associated with, that said however, in all groups or organizations there will
unfortunately be a few who cross a line, a serious line, and when it happens, stand up men will never tolerate it.  I always
said no one person is bigger or beyond the patch and the club.  Tic feels women in clubs is a big bridge to cross.   Myself
as well as a lot of members felt there were and are righteous women who could be members and wear a patch that are
as committed as we. Perhaps Sonny says it best in his book, "Life and Times of Sonny Barger," and it needs to left it at

"When I became president of the Oakland chapter, women were no longer welcome as members of the club. I felt we
didn't need girls in our club. The Hell's Angels is an elite men's club. Maybe we're sexist, male chauvinists, whatever, but
since we don't take any money from the from government, they can't take us to court and force us to change our bylaws
and start accepting women, the fact that they aren't members doesn't mean girls don't ride with the club. There are lots of
women who ride bikes with the club right now - but none will ever be voted in as members."

"Women couldn't defend the patch, it's a stamina thing keeping up as a fighter and as a rider. We have women who ride
just as well as the members. Some of them can ride better than me, but when it comes down to riding hundreds and
hundreds of miles in one day, they're just not going to do it"

Just as back in the day it is and was always an incredible site to behold, a vast sea of Hells Angel Patches, or Galloping
Goose, Dirty Dozen, Chosen Few, Gypsy Jokers, Hessions, Banditos, Straight Satans, as well as many more righteous
clubs at a 1%er rendezvous.   And I will assure you pardner, the Red & White of the HA always stood out. Now we have
the She Devils MC, who are a strong support club of HAMC. Like it or not, it gives a little balance to all this awesome
madness we choose to center our lives around. In my older age, I see the wisdom of strong women wearing a patch  
because of the second Amendment and a fire arm  equalizing their stature.

"Look What They Did to Flower"

The Highway Patrol told me in the trauma center, "Tic, we wouldn't blame you if you took care of business, we'd feel the
same as you do."  They knew I pack. But these  guys got clean away this time. In fact, they were probably  having a beer
and laughing as "Flower" was being rushed to the Emergency 30 miles away at Scripps Hospital and what was left of her
scoot was being loaded onto the wrecker with traffic backed up miles. Sometimes as we're going through life, working on
keeping right day and night, out of nowhere the wheels can come off and things can unravel real fast. Picture yourself
being knocked off your scoot, in the dark of night, on a busy California freeway and being thrown into the air to oncoming
traffic on the other side of the divider. You're about to land with cars hitting 80 MPH and getting put all over the place like
fresh road kill.   Yep!  It happened to Flower on her 883.

We'd been at my shop area working on some scoots. She lived in a town about 20 miles from the garage and left about
9:30 PM and said she would call when she got home around 10:00.  I got a call no sooner then she left in about
15minutes. It was EMS informing me Flower had been in a bad wreck. It seems two guys had  been fucking with her,
cutting her off and blocking her to pass them. Then as she was moving past them on to the freeway, they squeezed her
into on coming freeway traffic. How the cars missed her is beside myself or the CHP. The guys booted it and got away. I
jumped in my SUV and raced to the area on I-5. Cops, ambulance, flares everywhere.  By the time I got parked, they said
she'd been taken to the trauma center.  When I arrived I was told she sustained a broken arm, broken elbow, cracked
pelvic, head trauma, stitches and a lot of other injuries. Some photos were snapped as you see. Here's the best news.  
We had her a bike in 9 days and she was puttin' in 6 weeks. Ya,I think some girls could sure wear a patch and I don't
think anyone in their right mind would care if these two assholes  were in a deep hole. She shoots good to, not as well as
she rides, but I gave her a 10 shot semi 9 mm and showed her how to point it - she's bound to hit something or leave a
round in them somewhere, just be behind her when she shoots. She kinda closes her eyes, but she will shoot!
"Don't Stop Believing"  - JOURNEY
"Serious"road rash
7 months later
FLower's favorite musician.
Old Time Rock-n-Roll at it's Best
Director, Writer, Producer Lee Madden, who directed both the Hell's Angels '69 with the Oakland Hell's Angels
Angel Unchained, a 1970 biker remake of the Magnificent Seven, using the Dirty Dozen of Arizona, died
of complications from pneumonia on Thursday, April 16, 2009 in Camarillo, California. He was 82.    
  C. Gagneaux
Problem is, when you get old, you gotta pee alot.
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