When  Billy Burr lead the Dirty Dozen, every man followed.  There were times the members had to dry Billy out to keep him in as President.  
He, like Sonny, had a special gift to run a club the right way and also to discern dangerous situations for the members.  If you think you're a
leader and you look over your shoulder and no one is following, then you're just out taking a good walk.  Sonny and Burr always had a mob
behind them at all times.
Nic a tic, along with other Dirty Dozen members, were in "Angel Unchained", a popular early biker flick by American International.  He was
opposed to it originally and felt it was a trade out and Hollywood people were using the Dozen to make money off of them.  The club was split
on doing the film but when Burr, Dozen Club President, said, "Fuck it. We'll do it and get free dope and beer", plus they were paying forty to
sixty dollars and food a day; and that was a lot of money back then. There were no videos and just a few TV stations then, so it was a big
deal. Tic and others agreed as long as they didn't take any shit or kiss the film people's ass,  it would work and everybody could pick up extra
money for scooters and our way of life.

Tic and
Bill McKinney got loaded waiting for the first fight scene at the beginning of the movie and worked out a realistic fight where they
actually popped each other, but were so stoned, they never felt a thing or a punch. The last night of the filming, Tic and Don Stroud partied
hard and got messed up and Tic kept telling him that he looked like a young Marlin Brando; and Stroud kept doing Brando imitations, until Tic
had enough and walked off.  

Nic a Tic's main concern over the whole deal was that he loved his brothers so much and felt protective that some of them would get taken in
by fast talkers; and a couple did. But it wore off when the Producers were true to what Tic had warned, as they never called and wouldn't let
any of the Dozen near them in California. Nic a Tic also met Michael Parks from "There Comes Bronsen".He liked Parks and felt he had
enough attitude to be a biker and Parks felt Hollywood was screwed up anyway. Tic always rubbed "Angles Unchained" in some of the
members face when they got to feeling they made a good bike flick and would tell them the only real outlaw biker movie that was any good
was "Hells Angels ‘69".  

Nic a Tic had a lot of hard running solid bikes from 650 BSA's and old K-models to bored out 80 Strokers and Knuckleheads from the early
fifty's, but what became his primary reliable machine was a 1954 50th anniversary Panhead.  He put 24 to 26 running gears, which Tic felt top
end and distance between one, two and three was necessary for early Harley's to perform and make long runs from dry old Arizona to wet
California. It was named "Steel Wings" by a member of the Dirty Dozen.  

Tic and another Mesa Dozen member were coming home from a run one time and stopped to get a beer, when a bad two car accident
happened out front of the bar at 1:00 AM.  They went out to help get people out of a vehicle flipped over when a drunk hit Tic and the other
member doing 80 MPH and put 7 people in the meat wagon. Tic was out of the hospital with a broken collar bone when 4 or 5 of his brothers
came over and got Steel Wings and entered it in the 1968 Phoenix Car and Bike Show, one of the largest in the country at that time.  They
entered it as a Club Bike and won 1st Place.  Tic was on the floor when 8 or 9 of his brothers came with the trophy, which was so tall you
couldn't stand it up in the bedroom.  Tic broke out all the pain meds he had for everyone, mixed with Jack Daniels and beer and said, "this ain't
so bad, got messed up and didn't even have to mess with the goddam car show thing; just bring me the money.

Tic really like Panheads over Knuckleheads. He always said if you own one of those, you better have a wet Mexican around just to keep it
clean.  He said if you don't think so, just look at your jeans when you ride in the rain and watch the water bead up. There was always plenty of
oil to spare.  

As of late, Tic's been riding a 110 Revtech Generation III motor, on a Santee ridged frame 6 up 4 out, Grumpy Hellfire exhaust,  with his
standard pulled back risers and drag bars.  He says they are finally getting it right;  6 gears with a real overdrive.  The only difference is in the
day, we were the fastest thing on the road and now everyone can go 100 plus and the idiots do.  No respect.  When I recently saw his colors, I
more clearly understood his devotion and dedication for all these years to the US and Israel and his brothers. As I notably saw his Patch and
the strong words and message "Fuck Hezbollah" and "Fuck Hamas" and the truth about the storms he feels are coming.

Original Members of the Dirty Dozen 1967 or before *

Burr *                       Nicatic  *                 Mesa Carl *
Chuck *                   Buzz - Allen               Jay Nichols *
Mr Clean (Phil) *      California Bob           Bombo - Kenny Dunn *                                    
Hog Jimmy
 *          Little Jimmy   *         Caveman Mike *
Cheeta  *                 Lame Dennis   *       Tom Thumb *
Fat Al  *                   Caboy John  *          Mitch  
 *              Rush  *                     Pres Bill *
Pappy *                     L.J  *                      Monkey *
Red                            Haboo                        Dawg
Bear                           Zues  

Tic told me for over 7 years these brothers and many more, even some from other clubs, were his family and life. Until you commit and live it
day in and day out, 24-7, ride your scoot instead of cars, become one with your bike, patch and your brothers, one will never, ever, grasp what
a chopper, 1% outlaw member and true brotherhood means.  You literally have to be willing to give your life to someone you may not know his
full name. When he saw some of the Oakland Angels in 1965 at a coffee house on Telegraph Avenue in Berkley, California, he knew right then
that on this earth there were real people who stand for and had something others didn't have in their lives. Nic a Tic left me with a vision he
had many years ago,  If you could pull all outlaw clubs together with the H.A. at the top and the rest working together as a whole, there would
be no force on earth that could deal with their power.  

Until then, Tic's got business here with 21M which belongs to HA and no one else because they were first and always will be.  He's grateful to
do his part and perhaps was kept alive to help secure 21M to those who's honor it is.  When 21M is complete, the HA will be more secure in
being one of the most powerful forces on Earth.  Some have always understood it, as his  brothers and he did, and many who have gone on.  
He said if age catches him and he passes on  before it's done, another will take his place, 21M cannot be stopped because the oath and
beliefs accepted over 40 years ago, were true than and are true today.
Original Patch - Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
Tic believes some folks can never get enough revenge, he says Al Queda, Hezbollah and others think like this.  Tic says
we as 1%ers have to be careful of this mentality.  He told me one of the 911 terrorist kissed his little family, his children
and his wife, goodbye and went off to be one of the attackers in the Twin Towers.  What was so obvious to Tic was this
terrorist hated us more than he loved his family or taking care of them.  Tic says that's serious hate.  When 21M is in
place, the HAMC and other clubs will play an important role in fighting this kind of hatred that people have toward the USA.

Tic says one of the issues he's dedicated to changing is the so called Gun Laws in this country.  When there's a crazed
gunman in a Midwest mall shooting and killing innocent people at random with the mall doors locked and secured and a
woman calls 911 and says, "I need your help.  They've got me locked in a mall with a guy killing people and I have no way
to protect myself".  And 911 responds, "Miss, be calm.  We're trying to get someone there".  Gun laws need some serious
fixing - No honest good person should ever be unarmed if they choose to be armed.
Blues Deluxe
Burn in Hell
You Upset Me ...

by Joe Bonamassa
Dirty Dozen Members
Fat Al
Do Your Own Damn Killin'
One of Tic's Pans
Billy and Cheeta

kickin' back
Late 70's - early 80's.   Compliments Bill Fairbanks - QBall
This story might bring a smile to your face. Music and Dirty Dozen.
Way back when in Tucson, I had a custom scooter and paint shop on Prince Road. I lived in
the back of the shop. One day I had the guitar plugged in and was jammin’ with an Allman
Brothers tune, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, one of my all time favorites. I was totally lost in
the music having inhaled some mysterious smoke as I was prone to do. As the music was
nearing the end I turned to find two people standing there watching and listening silently with
huge grins on their faces. It was
Rooster and Smiley. We all broke out laughing. I have no idea
how long they had been standing there. Smiley had brought Rooster over to talk about a paint
job on his bike. We ended up riding over to the Copper Queen for beers and bullshit. It was in
the Copper Queen parking lot a week later that Rooster was shot and killed. I went to Rooster’s
funeral where I met a lot of people I liked and started prospecting shortly after. Those people
became brothers to me for life. They will be brothers till the day I’m planted in the ground. I
know we all have a story, a memory of how we came around.
Early Days Dozen video featuring my old brothers: special tribute to
Billy "Burr" Bridell, Pres.   also Kenny Dunn "Bombo", and Jimmy
Simpson "Hog Jimmy" and the rest of the boys  

Look for Billy on Video 2 "Good Old 8mm from Way Back""   at 7:50 seconds
Original DDMC, Casa Grande,  AZ   1968
Some of Original DDMC Below:   Bombo, Mesa Carl, Nicatic,
Billy Burr, Rush, Bill Cave, Jay Nichols, Mr Clean, Little Jimmy,
California Bob, Chico,  Two Pound, Hog Jimmy ...
Billy Burr, Original
Member, Mesa
DDMC Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
DDMC Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
Old School Code,

November 1968, Mesa, Ariz.  That we, the DDMC, are different from
both mainstream folks and the other half, those who are out of touch in
life, what we seem to think as idiots.  We say watch out for us, do not
take us lightly, for we, DDMC, are better men than you, we stand for
many things that are lost in today's world. The bike, patch, and
lifestyle are there to remind you that we are serious people, that
because as we've found out by sad experience, that people, unless
they take the higher road, by respecting us, as any other, and not
judging before you know us; will fear us, so you get the message, and
this respect thing down, to how you act as a man or woman, to us, or
anyone,   Figure it out, respect is your ticket to a good journey in our
Dirty Dozen MC video

( Back in the Day )   by QBall
         In the Wind