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The Hells Angels, 1%ers, and outlaw clubs are not the problem, but part of the solution."  Tic
Tic, a direct descendant of the great Civil War leader, General William Tecumseh Sherman, who on his "March to the Sea", cut the South in
half and burnt Atlanta to the ground;  and thus ended the American Civil War.
Sherman was accused of atrocities and made the now famous
"War is Hell".                                    Walking a fine line of creativity and madness
Nic a tic, a US Marine from the Bay area, was one of the first faithful early members of the Original Dirty Dozen MC of Arizona. Tic was one of
filthy few involved in the biker wars in Arizona and California in the late 60's and early 70's. Tic, who left for Canada in the mid 70's,
resurfaced eventually underground 1%
 Hells 21; by oath to preserve, protect and support HAMC leadership at all costs.  Nic a tic was the
first Dozen member, along with a few others in 1968 to suggest that the Dirty Dozen earn and prove themselves for a few years and then go as full
club prospects to the
Oakland Hells Angels for a chapter in the state of Arizona. (not all Dirty Dozen Members agreed with Nicatic)  Tic was
relentless in looking for and exposing
informants who tried to bring the Dirty Dozen Club down.  He was given full leave by the warlords in the
Dozen to go to Canada because of constant pressure put on him by local Mesa Arizona police and Feds from Phoenix and was felt a contract was
on him by another group in Arizona.  Tic said, in the deep wilds of British Columbia, it would be two weeks or more sometimes that he would not
see another human being, much less Law Enforcement or other enemy club members stalking me.  It was very lonely at times but also reassuring
that he did not have to look over his shoulder every minute.  Yet he always packed a 30-30 on one of his good ranch horses.

Nic a tic was instrumental in trying always to negotiate peaceful ways and solutions with other clubs to not over claim territory and wage wars. He
was good friends with members of the
Hessians, Straight Satans, Barrons, and Reapers. He was friends with Little Lee (Red) of the Banditos
out of Texas, and convinced him in 1968 that it was a bad idea, and not to bring his people to Arizona and avoid a certain  biker war of huge

Tic felt the reason the original Dozen Members were destined to go HAMC was not only that they'd give their life for the Dozen and the Patch, but
also for the Members who wore the Patch.  If you were not willing to sacrifice your life for the man as well as the Patch, don't wear it.  That also
means every man in every Chapter, period.  Just like in the Marine Corps, make sure the sacred Oath you take, that you understand you live by it
or you die by it.

Nic a Tic's unique philosophy for being a true 1% Outlaw biker was, if you're a drug trafficker, be one, but don't expect to last and be a 1% outlaw
club member.  He strongly felt trafficking drugs would bring a club down by Law enforcement and Feds. Trafficking drugs attracts infiltrators,
crosses the line with citizens, and exposes and weakens a club. If you were trafficking drugs, you didn't care about your brothers first or putting the
club first.  He felt when you're an Outlaw biker and speak with your people, truth has a certain ring to it.  

His motto and advice was serious for his brothers:

A club can acquire a lot and stay at the top but a member who acquires too much will have    a hard time being a 1%er and staying one.  Be careful you
don't choose Things over your brothers or the club

Make sure if you have to take someone out, that you're supposed to, don't tell anyone;  it is  between  you and God

Give credit where credit is due.  Honor & respect the Angel patch above all others. They were first and they always will be

Don't do things that might turn you or others into a Rat, make sure things you do you can live with never hurt or harm anyone under 18, walk or ride away

Be careful my Brothers, how we treat each other and others.  We have the ability to be soldiers and a light to the regular citizen and are the ones who can
give them hope in areas they cannot crawl in to:  ie,  a 1% club biker and our businesses, which requires sacrifice most don't understand.

Don't ever take revenge and kill a cop or harm their families, or law enforcement personnel.  
There  were other ways to take them down hard.

Don't do things or get caught doing things that will send you to prison., think things through before you act.  Be sure you're right, then go ahead.  Keep
this in the front of your mind as a member - Prison is worse then death but if you have to go, make it work and do the best you can

Just because you are unaware or can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist;  watch what people do and not what they say.

Nic a Tic felt he would be a 1% biker all his life and anyone who really was of the blood would.  He emphasized:  The patch, your brothers, your scooter
and you were all one. When his friend, Goat of the Hessians, was killed on an LA freeway, they found little of Goat, but he had his patch, his bike and
himself, and his brothers felt a huge loss.

Respect the patch; fight for it or give it up. It's just cloth, but like our Flag, when you understand what it really stands for, you'll see the seriousness of it.  
Tic hated a conflict, yet he felt when it finally comes to war, after you've exhausted all means to avoid it you must commit to extreme violence and make
sure you win at all costs; even to giving your life. You could die in minutes or live a long time in regret.

Nic a tic encouraged his brothers to respect and honor good leaders of our county and towns, treat regular people who respect your lifestyle kindly and
respectfully. Those who don't respect you and want trouble, let them start it and you finish it, any way you have to.

Section C:
Tic stated, Hells Twenty-One M was always intended, designed, and created so every member of the Dirty Dozen and Hells Angels are equal (or
any club, if the HAMC approves of sharing it with them) no matter how wealthy or poor a member is, how physically strong or not, how incredibly
smart and intelligent or not, but based instead, that each member is important to the club on his devotion and commitment, his service and love,
his loyalty and respect, for himself and his brothers in doing the best he can and offering his talents to the best of his ability for the betterment and
success of the club.

Hells Twenty-One M was created so money and power, which can become a cancer to a club, stays in balance to help prevent what happened to
some of us in The Dozen, The Hells Angels, The Outlaws and a few others in past years, and cause problems for ourselves and more important,
the club. A few of us in the Dirty Dozen got fucking sucked into the money and power trip, like territory and control.  For some of the guys in the
HAMC, it was drugs and making more money than a New York Jew could count.  Some of the members of Oakland HAMC were so fucking smart
in ceasing the drug market in the late ‘60's, made more money in a week than a doctor or business man made in a year. Even the Mafia, who in
1962 coined the expression: "One can keep a secret if two are dead" as  two of the Bosses were wacked as they were in on the Kennedy situation
and about to flip,  were amazed at all this. Tic said he was on a special run with six of his brothers in late ‘68 and invited to meet with them in
Tucson to work out details to be available for strong arm work because they were so impressed with bikers business  being successful, and felt
the Dirty Dozen could benefit them. Tic said it went to our young heads as to these wise guys wanting us to take care of shit for them.  Too much
money and power not used right is foolish and dangerous for a club.

Balance is one of the hardest things to get right.  Hard to do. It takes effort but the most successful people in the world are the people who have
balance in their lives. Never compare one member to another, do your thing the best you can and you'll be ok. You may not be so strong
physically or have money, but have a good heart or be good with your hands. A member may be able to ride the shit out of a scoot but can't turn a
wrench, he may not be good at wiring but can work with iron or paint. Look at Tiger Woods, can't build a golf club but can use one better than
anyone. In a club, we have leaders who serve the club and the members, they have a talent, like Sonny and Burr. When they're done in
leadership, they go back in being a faithful member with the club saying, "Job well done". If you go to
Oakland up around Foothills Blvd or 67th
and Hagenberger , or High Street or McCallister
, you will see how it's supposed to be, this ‘club thing'. For us, it was the old Casa Loma or
Water Hole on Indian School Road or Central Avenue in Phoenix - Keep it Righteous, Keep it Simple, Keep it humble and real and you'll find
peace with your life style and your brothers. Be careful of it being about You, keep it at the ready, "you" will be called on when you least expect it.

Note; Tic made a statement to me and said if I wanted to print it, go ahead. He said, "I want to make this perfectly clear, I hate drugs and trafficking
and would like to see all non1%er people avoid and stay away from it; it's better for our country, towns and our families. Drugs are not good and
steal your life, especially meth, heroin, and cigarettes. Having said that, I realize 1%er bikers are different, a special breed, certain things are
expected of us and we should be able to handle it. For most of the boys from down south, to the north, east and west a little Jack Daniels,
Southern Comfort, a good beer and high grade marijuana just to keep you tuned up is just fine mixed with a lot of water and Bikram hot Hatha
yoga and gym work. However, and it's from the past, and I reckon maybe it's not true today, but back in the day, one of the things that kept us
pretty complete as 1%ers, was puttin on LSD now and then. It made us bond with your brothers and others more freely, made you clean your
scoot and house more, too.  It kept you humble and on the edge whether you putt in the cities, ghettos, deserts or mountains. It made life very
interesting for sure - just make sure you control it and it doesn't control you, my friend; and don't poke nothing in your arm unless it's ink."
Tic told me there were incidences and regrets in his life that he personally would have to be accountable to God, but stated "I have no illusions of
the Hells Twenty One M, I believe in it for the HA, their legacy, history, and great years to come, to which I am unequivocally committed in doing
my part and with all my body and soul."
The HAMC was formed and created, with all that it is, and will be, both good and bad.  They belong to the USA, to America and it's culture.  No
matter how far it reaches throughout the world, it began on
Foothills Blvd, Golf Links Road, Telegraph and San Leandro Avenue and in the
cities of Oakland, San Francisco,Berdoo and Fontana.  They are as real as Jesse James and Wyatt Earp, Babe Ruth and Teddy Roosevelt.  
They are not apple pie but sure as hell are as American as Jack Daniels.                                                 
 C Gagneaux    2006
Tic & Flower
"Best kept secret is the one you don't tell"  Tic
Billy "Burr" Bridell Hells Angels Mesa  Chapter, Ret. - 2007
Even after Billy ‘Burr' patched over from the Dirty Dozen to Hells Angels, his keen insight continued to make
him a visionary. Billy told me that he suspected infiltration into the Mesa Hells Angel Chapter.  He told us while
sitting in his carport  that he always felt something wasn't right about those guys.  (Jay Dobyns, ATF)
When they gave each club member a gift one Christmas, Billy threw his in the garbage when he left the club
house.  The point is, Billy always had a power of discernment.  People like Billy and Sonny never lose this

Early Days Dozen video featuring my old brothers: special tribute to Billy "Burr" Bridell, Pres.   also Kenny
Dunn "Bombo", and Jimmy Simpson "Hog Jimmy" and the rest of the boys  
Timothy Leary, and his friends blew it.  First, possession of LSD was legal, but sales and manufacturing was a
misdemeanor.  It was upped to to a felony, one to five years for the first offense. On October 6, 1966, possession
became a criminal offense and by the time acid was against the law, we were way beyond saving;  From
- star of Endless Summer, who lives near me, a surfer, shaper, now 67 who could have been one Hell of
a 1%er if he chose to:

"Fuck people who try to steal our life, this biker shit has always been as real as war to us"
Tic,  a Cold December morning;   Jack Daniels and coffee.  2008 - 65 and holding.
For 45 years, one of Tic's favorite places.

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Since 1999 Tic has
been  warning the
Country of how bad
control drug cartels and
have one thing in mind,
to kill
Americans &
Some of the most righteous
people ever to ride Harleys.
Early  members of the
Dirty Dozen MC
of Arizona
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Starting Radiation treatment at Moore's Cancer Center, San Diego and Loma Linda VA.   8/09
All gave some;   Some gave all
HELLS 21 Created & Assembled
1966 - 1969
opinion RAMONA PETE  is a brave man - you have to
know and understand a person really well before you can
truly hate or love him;  to go against a group "for the
simple fact that you are true to your brothers" and honestly
feel and have the knowledge your
life is in real danger,  
yet   you do it because  you know who you are and  profess
to be. This  takes enormous courage - Pete Eunice is that
man -   
 Tic, about Laughlin

I wish 1%er clubs knew they are a real club, as back in the
day;  bury the ax and realize the HAMC are brothers, not
enemies anymore. Make Hamas and Al Quaeda the real
fucking enemies of our beliefs of freedom. These are the
guys we are trying to kill each day.
-   "No Helmets"  -  anywhere   -   anytime   -   anyway
Arizona 1969
Arizona - DDMC
Phoenix newspaper 1993
FOR SALE'04 Rev Tech - 110/6 Speed
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Cadillac of the Harleys
2008 - 103" Road King
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Tic - Jan 2010 So Cal
Early Dirty Dozen MC Members
Dirty Dozen MC  '80s
Dirty Dozen MC  '80s
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"To the world and law enforcement from Tic"

Let Me Live
-  song by "Freddie"
says who we are as 1%ers and club members in life - (1968)   
Leave Us Alone - we are good men
That will keep you alive and happy.  Learn them and live by them
Sons of Anarchy ???
what kind of character watches this bullshit TV show?
You may donate, if you desire, cash, check or money order to HELLS 21  LEGAL DEFENSES to fight assholes who continually tie
club members up in bullshit court cases. TCB
Thank you for your help, you will be helping to slow these fuckers down. (Will send "FTW tab" and HELLS 21 card)   Sec/Treas.

Mail to:   NRS,  151 Sherri Lane, Oceanside, California  92054
Please continue to support this brave and good man, Raymond Foakes
Charles V. Thompson
, SSGT USMC, awarded  BRONZE
for Operation Pegasus, 1968 Vietnam - A humble
great American who put his
LIFE on the front lines in
combat and
Sonoma, County Hells Angel for 37 years
without a criminal record.
"Some assholes in government and law enforcement, who
continually work 1%ers over; just don't get it, do
"Tic 2005"  Fort Point, San Francisco
NOTE:  Send Tic an email . . .

3-5 Darkhorse, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Contact Cory at  
Look for Billy on Video 2 "Good Old 8mm from Way Back""   at 7:50 seconds
The Straight Satans, from Venice, CA were similar to the early Dozen.
As one fellow wrote in 2010, "I worked with the Straight Satans for
years, No Equipose, you wouldn't say shit to any of their faces."  

Clubs aren't so bad when you look at how Society is out of control.
Jeffery "Jethro" Pettigrew,  
San Jose Chapter President, a good man and father     
update:  November 24, 2011      
UPDATE:  November 30, 2011
Hells Twenty One M
"tic"   '06
DDMC Patch and Dice Retired October 1996
Four Original Members Dirty Dozen MC
Cory,  "the Real
Deal",O'side,  2010
Nic a tic
When saying" Outlaws" regarding us, it
means we live by a different set of rules -
there is a little bit of outlaw in all of us;  it
doesn't mean it's criminal.
Pappy,  Two Pound (Bill Cave- Original President)  Billy,   Mesa Chuck
Step Inside & take the Read and Music Journey.  No LSD required
Tic,  an Outlaw Biker (outlaw, because that's what
the Feds called them).  Inspired by
Terry the Tramp
in Oakland and
Bay area HA, he became DDMC in
1967.  Read  this history and learn how to keep your
life together in the 1% world.
 Look, Listen, Think,
Be Patient, Be Wise, Be Safe
.    C Gagneaux
'07 Street Bob
My '07 110 Rev Tech, I sold too cheap
Santino Nicholas Andolini
UFC Phil Davis
#4;  205 lbs
Nic's 2001 FXDX.  Rifle Faring, H-D side kick seat, lots
done to engine. 12" Risers